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Bone swelling

Anybody know what this is?

a joint in my foot (the top end of the bone that is joined to my big toe, near the ankle) is prominent. It looks swollen, but there is no pain, or redness. Nothing on prodding either. The rest of the foot is slightly swollen too. It seems slightly in spasm as it is sore to walk on, like I'm forcing my foot into being flat to walk on.

Weirdly facinating.

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Hi Zanna, it struck me that you might have gout which is more common than people think. Do you drink red wine?

Sorry You've got extra pain :-(


Its totally pain free which is the weird thing,


Hi Zanna thank but its not gout I am actually asking for some one else who has severe pain but she does not drink. it seem to be dropped arches combined bone problems.


Or a bunion perhaps?


Hello Zanna

Sounds like tendon problems, if it just arose, get gout, to much good living, and overweight.

the disability does not help.

All the best



Gout? does that affect the bones, I thought it was just the tissue that was affected? don't drink so it can't be that.


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