Bone fusion in foot

Hi All,

I was wondering if any one else has degeneration of the bones in their foot requiring surgery to fuse them?

I now have a date for my surgery at the end of July and wanted to know how successful people found it. I have been in pain since last September, on crutches and now off work with the pain. I am hoping for a miracle, but feel that I may well be hoping for too much.

Any advice would be great.


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  • Altho not quite the same, I am in a similar position. I have recently had foot surgery- heel bone cut in half, re screwed under foot & deep ligament reconstruction / replacement in ankle. The pain in my feet is excruciating, can't walk on them at all. I'm hoping the surgery is successful, if so they will do the other foot. I'm still off work- surgery was start of April. Good luck with it- can't be worse I suppose, that was my thought, so it's worth a try. Foot surgery takes a long time to recover from tho as there's so many bones and ligaments in there, and obviously all your weight goes on it, hopefully, once it's healed!

  • Thanks Rowntree,

    I have had previous re construction on this foot, in 2006. The problem now is as a result of my congenital foot condition. I know it will be painful and a long recovery! Having been in pain for 8+ months, its going to be a long time til I am fully mobile, if at all! Have my pre op next week so hope to find out more.

  • Hello Frustrated I had a mid foot fusion on the 7 May. After going more than a year with cortisone injections I went for the big one. I have had a metal plate nails and strings put in. Into my 6 th week with an aircast up to the knee boot. I go for a check up next Monday. Still none weight bearing so I cannot even begin to tell you if it is successful yet. I think it will be a further 6 weeks before I can weight bear. I had got to the point with all the pain, that I wanted to try anything. Hope your op goes well. Try and get as much rest as you can. I know it is not easy as I live in a maisonette with 14 concrete steps to my front door, had my Occupational health lady down today and they have put me on medical preference for an adapted property or bungalow. Good luck!

  • Thanks for your response, I am surprised you are in an air cast, I was expecting a hard cast! I had just one cortisone injection, which had a good response, but only for a couple of days. I have already had surgery on this foot and was in a hard cast for 8 weeks, only two of which were egg shell weight bearing. I am lucky I am in a house with only one step out. Not that I imagine getting out much! I have got my pre op next week so will be asking about the cast and weight bearing. We can keep in touch via here. Have you got degenerative disease in your foot, the same as me?

  • Yes I think that it is degenerative arthritis. The other foot has pain sometimes too. Just wish I could get better.

  • How did you get on at your appointment this week?

  • Hello Frustated it went ok although the Consultant was surprised that I was walking with air boot and sticks, he said you are supposed to be non weight bearing. What! Hard enough I cannot carry my weight like that no way very hard. Anyway he took x rays and showed them to me and he said it was good. Another six weeks now to go before I see him again, he has said to try and walk on the foot a little bit at a time, nothing too strenuous. I was very wary and tried it a bit, I felt disorientated and off balance as my calf has muscle wastage. It will take some time and I put my boot back on. Had Occupational therapist down at my house and have put me on medical priority for a bungalow. The stairs here are a no no for me now. Hope things work out.

  • Sounds like you are on the road to recovery! Good Luck.

  • Many thanks

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