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Getting it right for every one at the Doctor's Surgery.

My Dr told me not to go back unless I had questions about 'it' I am not sure what 'it' he was talking about, he added just to ask for repeat scipts. When I collected the last one, there was a note on it saying I had to visit the asthma nurse before asking for another repeat. I rang to make the appointment, it was so far ahead, I explained about the note on the script, I was told to ignore that as they could only fit me in when there was a free appointment. On the Thursday evening prior to my Monday appointment I fell, the spasms set in and I knew I would not be able to keep the appointment. Surgery opens at 8.00am, On Friday I rang at 08.50, giving the receptionists time to get in and sorted, and early enough to give the appointment to another patient, gave my name address and said I would not be able to make Monday's appointment. My address was confirmed, the next word was 'cancelled ' and the phone was put down on me.

Who runs the surgery? Are we as patients an inconvenience to the various people employed at the surgery? This lack of regard time and consideration makes our pain worse because of the stress and tension we are placed under trying to get help, doing as the Dr has told us and getting past the receptionist has us tied up in knots. Any thoughts on this anyone?

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Hello silver shadow

This sounds like lack of communication, what was the doctor trying too say was it something that was chronic and he thought the meds only needed to be renewed as a repeat and your condition would continue tikiteebo, excuse the latter,used by my doctor If you needed to see the asthma nurse she should discuss your medications with you and would then look after your needs.

When you talked to the receptionist that was bad form a new appointment should have been given what happened I hope they give you a further appointment, with the nurse do they actually do a clinic in your surgery on that day once a week. Many receptionists are ok although some can be very short especially if they are busy, there is no excuse . .

I know if I have a bad appointment or I have too cancel an appointment I always feel worried especially with the hospital, and there should be no need, many patients feel bad in complaining, this should not be the case.Phone back, or better still go down to the clinic, have you got enough meds that would be my concern if it happened too me. they should give you a script for enough medications until the next appointment.

i REALLY HOPE you get sorted soon it is not right that this happens

Look after yourself



I was seeing the Dr about my meds regime for the treatment of arthritis, which is bad and right through my body, but I also have a history of cancer.. this also came up in the conversation re these DIY Bowel Cancer checks, I failed 2, got through the third with a bit of an explanation. At this point the Dr says, thats it, there is no need for you to come back, just ask for repeat scripts, take as much pain relief as you need and don't worry about becoming addicted (to morphine) as you have reached the stage where this is not an issue. just call if you have a question about it. What 'it' I don't know. He stood up opened the door and showed me out. The big problem here Bob, was I have been told not to use stairs, the Dr has to come down stairs to see me, first time he came down, the room he thought was free, was not, he said I would have to wait till a room became available. It did, at the end of surgery, he had to come back down to see me, and was obviously not in the best of moods.

The worst thing in my opinion about the practice is the fact that they have never once asked for the name of a next of kin. Who to contact re the remains as and when the situation arises. They know how bad I am, the first thing the senior Dr at the practice said to me was " You are the one we never see " . True, I don't go running with every ache and pain. My x rays speak for me, and the strange way I walk and wobble about. Seeing the Dr so often came about because of a fall I had in Dec. 2011. It was awkward, and in an awkward place, I was alone and it took me a long time to get up. A lot of damage was done. I have never been asked if I have any help, can I make a meal etc. The answer is no and no.

I have rang to get a repeat script at a pharmacy in a supermarket, I have not yet rang to make another appointment at the Asthma Clinic, which is a nurse who basically checks you over. I will ring for another appointment. I just hope I get the meds meanwhile.

I also intend talking to the pharmacist in the pharmacy to sort out my meds, which the Dr will not do, so I have 24 days of one med, 28 days of another, 30 days of another, 30 with a possible - for another and an unknown intake of another.. I wrote down all the days I would have to put a script in, allow two days, more if a weekend, more if a bank hol. w/e and it worked out i was up and down the road like a yoyo with all these meds... it would be a simple exercise to sort out, I hope the pharmacist will do this.

It is all as if I am just a problem they want to brush under the carpet. A treatment at the pain clinic went wrong, the Dr cannot look me in the eye, when asked about it he muttered difference of people as he walked by me. I have been with this practice for seven possibly eight years now, but it is only in the 15 months that I have really had much to do with them, I will not have the flu jab, had the pneumonia jab when I was 50 and attend the asthma clinic once a year.

I am just a quite little soul who blends into the magnolia paintwork if you know what I mean, and to tired and weary to change.

This incident did annoy me, rattle me, basically because I am a little scared of the future.

Thank you Bob for your reply, and for listening to me.

Warmest Regards



That really is a bad way to ve treated by everyone. One thing you can do is write a letter of complaint to the practice manager, giving a balanced view of your experiences. Like dr peed off because the downstairs room was not booked.

Far from causing trouble, letters of complaint are generally used by surgeries to pin point problems and come up with an action plan to sort it. This letter the should be analysed by the drs and staff, it should be discussed without your ID.

It could be the receptionist is truly busy, an emergency may have walked in and it was all hands needed. It could be she was fed up in her job, she's not had adequate training, her dog just died etc.

So the result of the letter in her case would be to draw up a list of prompt questions to ask at each type of call to get the info needed. For the dr, it would be checking downstairs roons are booked and confirmed a week prior to the appt.

There's no issue over a cancelled appt. Most surgeries need spare ones on the day. Hospitals usually go through waiting list until they find someone to jump in at the last minute.

But the dr should respect you and help you whether they can do anything for you or not. He is right in passing you to the nurse for care, and the nurse should help you get in touch with social work, macmillan nurses, hospices etc. So if you need them then you know how to find them.

Do book some time with the pharmacist. They will go through everything in detail and know about side effects, interactions and the disease. Try and take a friend with you, as sometimes the info can be over whelming as theres so much of it. Ask thecpharmacist to write up a dosage programme for you, it might be worth trying a dosset box, where each med is put into a labelled time slot - an easy way to check you've not missed any and are getting the right ones at the right time.

I hope something gets sorted, it will be one less stress for you. And build up a relationship with the nurse, as she will be your care manager now. If there's anything the dr needs to see, she will call him through.


Hi, is it worth getting a social services assessment? They might provide care, equipment, or a lifeline(button you wear round your neck to press if you fall, that alerts a central place, they then alert your next of kin or whoever you have set up.)


Zanna and Rowantree have very good points. I was going to suggest writing to the practice manager. Are there any other GP practices nearby either without stairs or with a stair lift? If so, it might be easier for you to change to one of these.

When writing to the practice manager, it would be good to also point out the things missing in your notes - your next of kin - and your practical needs.



This is very bad, I have had this done to me as I was dealing in palliative care for understandably different conditions. What I understand you now need palliative care and a control of your medications, and that you sound that you are short of next of kin. You now need care that your doctor cannot give.

One of the things that you can do is contact the Macmillen nurses their number will be in the telephone directory, or the practice should be able to get in contact with then with some urgency,

If this is not possible you will need to contact with social services, they will help in your home and keep you in your home.

One of the other things you can try is the hospice movement, they help in these situations and again will try and keep you in your home in the final days, Your council will be able to put a number key latch on your door and put a alarm system on your phone line, you will have a responder around your neck to press if you fall etc.

There are also several benefits that you will be entitled to as well the council will be able tell you about. these they will help in possible costs in nursing care

One thing that you can do is enter a nursing home, although there can be a period of time that they have to contact a doctor to up your pain control. It is also very expensive although some criteria you will get this assistance FOC.

With regard to the surgery it seems that the doctor has a problem with patients at this time of your life, is it worth the time now to take on a tussel, you should be given assistance now, as you will need possible letters of introduction from the surgery. Look after yourself first.leave the tussel to someone else

You can get a distric nurse to call and look after meds etc and supply support at this bad time

Look after yourself, please facilitate above the charities HOSPICE, and macmillen are good places too start, at the same time the council.

Could it be that the doctor may have wanted you to go away and think what to do next, make another appointment with a different doctor if need be, this needs to be an urgent appointment to discuss palliative care.

All the very best at this difficult time



I would agree with the comments other have made. If you are unhappy with the service provided by your GP practice you have evry right to complain to the practice manager. Or take it further and complain to PALS (Patient Advice & Liasion) who are independent of the practice - the local number should be on the internet. There will also be a PALS department at any hospital for complaints regarding problems there.

If you can change GP practice, please try. It's not easy for everyone to do, I know. I changed 3 times in the space of 18 months until I found somewhere I liked, and have ended up going further away from home, the inconvenience of travelling outweighs the problems encountered at the first 2 practices. Maybe you could ask before you "join up" what their appointment booking system is like.

You can refer yourself to social services for an assessment - you don't have to take up any service they suggest but it might help to at least talk to them. Bob suggested a nursing home but in many areas the emphasis is on encouraging people to stay at home with support if that's what they want.They shoud be on the internet too under your local council's website.

I wish you well with getting things sorted out. Getting hassle off the receptionists is the last thing you need when you're not feeling well.


Thank you all for your replies and advice, thank you for listening. That built up inside me and came to a head with the latest tumble and the receptionists response to my call.

I have rang today to make another appointment to see the asthma nurse, she is off sick this week, but the next available appointment is in four weeks time, was told to ring back next week. There seems to be a lot of changes at the surgery, not going very often I am not really up to date with everything.

I am not able to change to another surgery.

Regarding my personal situation, I don't wish to say a lot, I did ask a question recently but kept it private to this community, I do feel in certain circumstances this is wise.

You have all helped me, my mind is not a racing motor now and I feel more calm and able to get some things put into motion, and generally made clear. I need to talk with out complaining if you understand what I mean, and at the same time speak up for myself and ask what help is available.

I Sincerely appreciate the time you have taken. The support you have shown me.

Warmest regards



going back to the point about rude staff, i understand that the staff have to suffer from rude patients at times, in my suregary many are foreign. but it makes a lot of difference when you ring or visit the surgery if you are treated with kindness and respect, a lot of the staff have no people skills, mention it to your GP and see what they say about it.


Last week I checked out the web site for the practice, it had not been updated since June last year, also the email address was not accepted. Checked again yesterday, web site updated, the Dr's have all changed, do not recognize one name, same with practice manager. There have been rumors for some time about changes in various things, I think there must be a lot of 'in-practice' (?) tension, understandably - and it is spilling over, just as I did to you good folks on here, albeit it in a different way.



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