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Another weary day

As the Madness song goes

Every morning I awake

My arms my legs my body aches

The world outside is cold and grey

So begins another weary day

I have felt this pain so long now. I had to give up work last June year at the ripe old age of 61 due to various health problems. My husband has been so supportive but I get totally frustrated not being able to do certain things myself.

I have spinal canal stenosis

s, arthritis in my right knee and arthritis in both my hands. Imhavevrecently taken up knitting again to take my mind off things and although my hands ache I find that this does take my mind off things. Any coping suggestions would be gratefully received

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Chin up. You are in good company. You'll have good days ahead. Spring is coming and the daffs will soon bring a sparkle of cheer. I'm putting my faith in science. It hasn't come up with the goods yet but that doesn't mean it won't! ;) x


Arthritis anywhere is a real....... pain.. in your hands it becomes a darn challenge to do just about everything. What you pick up promptly falls on the floor, that is after you have managed to pick it up in the first place lol, I have heard that knitting is good to keep the fingers working, and it is something I have tried several times, some how I can't manage to knit a square in plain ole plain stitch, though years ago I did used to knit a lot of hats in plain & pearl stitch. I still get the urge to have another go, as sewing which I always seem to have on the go - is bothering my hip and ankle, oooooh and the back bending over, then the fingers are not happy with fiddly material..... etc......... Hope you are knitting something to cheer yourself up.


Have you tried a push start sewing machine? It has a button in the front and a speed slider, so you start sewing slow to mid speed and skude to full speed.

It takes a bit of getting used to (not using a foot pedal). Brother and Janome do them. I wouldn't be without mine now. And I can sew standing up if I put the machine on a higher level. Changing from sitting to standing helps the back.


Hello zanna, I have never heard of a push start sewing machine, I did at one time have both the electric and the hand machine and used both, the hand machine was easier to use standing up on my kitchen work surface. You have me quite intrigued now lol, I feel a google coming on. The only reason for letting the hand machine go - a beautiful old Singer .... was I moved to a smaller bungalow. A friend made me the most wonderful sewing desk, built to my size, with drawers etc. so my machine is always there ready to use, no hauling out and setting up.

Thank you for that information, I recycle all kinds on my machine - ermmmm change some thing from one use to another lol. I would be lost without it.

Hope you are having a good day.




Many thanks for your reply, its so good to know theres someone out there who understands. I am knitting for my new grand daughter who is due on 6th April, something to look forward to. Visit to the Pain Clinic on Monday, see what they will come up with now!!!


Sorry, was just re reading the little poem at the start of your post, and I realize the you are not talking about knitting and your hands, you are talking about coping in general !! I think you do cope most of the time, and start to adapt your life to managing things better, it is just there are times when you become totally frustrated and don't cope with anything, it's almost like trying to hang a soaking wet thick double sized blanket over a clothes line, and the line breaks, you have to get the blanket back in and re washed...... then it occurs to you well I could put it through the spinner before I hang it out and while is going on I will see about the the broken washing line, a new one would be good, but this old one is going to have to do. You have to work out new / different ways of doing what used to be just an everyday boring job, it's not easy and there are so many different factors to take into account. the knitting is good, it is a way to relax as your mind gets into the knitting, and you know you have accomplished something / done something constructive when the article is finished. The wool you have left over, you could maybe knit a little something with, depending on the wool - and put it into a charity shop, and then you have a feel good factor to add to achievement. I do seem to have got caught up with your knitting lol, I was just using that as way of showing how you start with one idea, way of coping, and it leads on to other things, goes off at a tangent.

You are now wondering 'what the heck is she on! '

I think you also find it takes so much longer to do things, that once you start on anything the time flies by, and what you used to do all day now takes you all day to do.

Good luck with the knitting.



Hi gillimac. I also have spinal stenosis ,arthritis in both knees,both elbows,and is now starting in my hands. I spend a lot of time at home go to shops at weekend as my husband is still working and that's the only time we can shop(groceries ) I have for all of my life enjoyed crafts there is not much I haven't tried my hand at. Now that I have all the medical problems I am so thankful that I learned to knit and sew,just lately I have been knitting baby bonnets for PREM units and enjoyed doing it . My niece and two of my daughters best friends are having babies so that is keeping me busy with the knitting .in between I am doing a cross stitch for my grandsons bedroom,this all has helped me through this last year when things got really bad. I am 68 and trying by best to enjoy life with the help of strong medication,it has helped a lot. So keep these fingers moving knit for your local Prem baby unit and life will not be so dull.


Hi everyone, I also have severe arthritis in the spine and am knitting mad! I have been doing lots of toys and a nativity scene which came out very well. It is very relaxing and takes my mind of the pain. I am also going to start doing stuff for babies as they are quick and easy and not too heavy to hold, hands are starting to play up now. Thank goodness the warmer weather is on the way, time to sit in the garden and soak up some sunshine. Every day I always tell myself there are people worse off than me. I have really rotten days, yesterday, doing the hoovering and washing my hair I was in tears. At the age of 57!.Today the sun is shining, I have Dolly Parton singing to me and a hot cup of tea, feet up. Chatted to my grandkids on skype, what more could I want? Love to all Ann


I like knitting too, for short periods as it hurts, but I have never been able to sit still in front of the TV. In the past 4 years I have started 2 scarves and 2 blankets. have finished 1 scarf. I am terrible really. I also like writing, occasionally manage to finish short stories. Have started keeping a diary again. I used to do this to track my pain so that I'd have something concrete to tell my doctors at appointments. I ended up with 6 notebooks which I call my Chronicals of Misery! My new diary barely mentions the pain, I put in trivial stuff, and maybe I'll pass it on to my children as a record of what life was like in the early 21st Century...


How about trying crochet. It's really easy, you only need one hand and it grows SO QUICKLY.

I think all of us with RA and related pain should be sent away for the winter to a warm, dry climate - how does that sound? Who's going to write to a millionnaire and ask????



Cross stitch is very good too and very easy to do


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