Another day

It seems ages since my visit to the Pain Clinic on 29th of Jan and being told that I can get a Transdermal Patch and with my fall in the shower I am still sore with my shoulder .

My appointment with my doctor seems a life time away with me being so sore with this being the10th and my appointment is on Wed the 19th .

My usual Cocodamol 30x500 are not strong enough am glad that I am off work this Wed and Thursday.

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  • Is your transdermal patch Fentanyl? They start working within 24 hrs which should be giving you some relief by now. What strength are you on?

    Pat x

  • Paton Hi this morning I hurt that sore arm of mine at work so I phoned the surgery and was able to get an appointment for 11.20 am .Reason being that the pain was too great.

    So now I have my BuTrans Buprenornorphine 10mg Patch on.

    So fingers crossed . Sam.

  • Hi Pirate

    Can you not get an emergency appointment with your GP so he can start you on the patches earlier?

    Hope things improve soon


  • welshnut Hi after hurting my arm at work yes the one I hurt when I fell in the shower , I phoned the surgery and got a cancelation appointment for 11.20 am today.

    So now I have my BuTtans Transdermal Patch on.

    Its starting at a 10 mg dose so fingers crossed that this one works , with all new medication we all hope that "THIS IS THE ONE" heres hoping . Sam.

  • Good luck today.


  • nedd thanks for that,and the same goes to yourself, as for me thats 24 hours now since I put the Patch on.

    I have been told that it will take 3 days to be right in the system as luck would have it I am off work today and tomorrow. Sam.

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