I'm fine but am I unique?

I had a heart scan due to a persistent cough and the x-ray suggesting an enlarged heart.

they had difficulty getting a good image, but my heart "seems" fine, but they want me to see a cardiologist "just to be sure".

my b.p. pulse are normal and the gp listened to my heart and pronounced it "fine".

now the unique bit -

normal heart valve flaps are in three sections, mine has only two :-O

I was born with it am 56 and never had any problems.

I'm fine but am I unique?


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  • Hello sandra99b

    In 1976 I was involved in a serious car accident, and they checked my heart and found a hole in the heart, Being a bit concerned and suprised I went to the GP and he told me my parents knew about it as did He, as he had delivered me. I was 26 then and now I am 62. I have had no problems with the heart since then.

    One problem only is that my condition was caused by the accident, that changed my life dramatically and my bloods, pulse etc are spot on as the check me now once every three months not for my heart but for medications. Over the years many friends and collegues have either died or had heart attacks.

    Now I hope that you will be ok, sometimes a squeeking gate last longest. and forewarned is forearmed.

    Look after yourself


  • Of course you are "unique" - as in you're one in a million, and I mean that in a nice way.

    Seriously though, it's good that they have found this. If there's a problem they can deal with it, and it might turn out to be just one of those things that's not a problem and would never have been picked up had it not been for the scan, and may never cause you any trouble. I know these things can be a worry - I have had various things discovered on MRI scans that scared the pants off me, particularly the referrals on "just to be on the safe side". Sometimes I wish I'd not been told about them, but I suppose it's good to get them checked out.

  • thankyou,

    I have monthly blood tests, followed up each time with b.p. and urine tests by my gp.

    Apparently 2% of us have a "bi-cuspid" valve. I learn something new every day! :)


  • Hi there, My family lived in South Africa after emigrating from the UK when I was seven, after my father was offered a job in the then Rhodesia ( now Zimbabwe ) we were all screened for TB before we were allowed entry. My x rays showed an enlarged heart and I had to have open heart surgery straight away. I was 13. I am now 57 and have never had any problems whatsoever, also never been on any medication for it either.I have had my fair share iof ailments over the years including a mild stroke. Of course I now have severe arthritis which is very hard to put up with. I consider myself very lucky that fate intervened all those years ago and the heart problem was picked up. It will be interesting to see if anyone else has the same situation as yourself.

    Have a good day, Ann

  • that was fortunate that it was found so early.

    I haven't heard of anyone else yet.



  • 2% only, then you are fairly unique. Amazing what they can discover with scans. Some people even have their organs reversed (left to right). which doesn't affect them, just need surgeons to remember when operating.

  • my friend's dad and two uncles were all born with one lung and one kidney.

    and the heart & lung were over to one side and slightly under one arm.

    they all live[d] to old age.

  • Just makes you wonder why everything has to have a normal classification, When there are so many variables that are just as effective. And why we all get caight up with the concept of normal


    When you think of it the human body is a wonderful thing when bits are in funny places and how it can heal itself that is what can make us all wonderful.

    When in sudden pain the body can produce its pain medications as well.

    When I was in hospital I smashed several large bones that would not heal, eventually the body produced a stronger joint that could be seen on the Xray after nearly loosing the foot

    All the best


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