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Merry musings

Ive donned glad rags and tottered on shoes pulled out specially for hi days and holidays to do the rounds. I rip these off as soon as I get home and revert to comfy clothing. The small grandson carried me along by his excitement. Wading through an enormous pile of parcels his suddenly stops, turns around to look at his diminishing pile and wails "where have all my presents gone". The grand daughter appears fleetingly to bless me with an enormous smile. She bangs hell out of the home made drum I have given her.

I catch up with other members of the family via bt.

Man in a chefs hat and I have an eye to eye on how long to cook the turkey. I want to nuke it. He I fear wants to give me food poisoning by following the guide lines. In the event he pulls rank as I am flat out on the sofa. I have to admit it was melt in the mouth.

Whippet gets a short walk and his own xmas lunch. Joggers and bike riders were also out in force. But a large father christmas had obviously had enough and was slowly going down. Black cat belly aches until she has also feasted.

I get a lovely fix of radio 4. Some of the clips from pick of the year has me howling. I get an arh feeling when I watch call the midwives.

Today I have entertained. I enjoyed the company and the food. I don't know what anyone else thought and am now looking forward to watching tv.

Tomorrow we are sailing down the motor way to see my mother.

Then It will be box up christmas hit the sales and back to work.

All done and dusted for another for another year.

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Am looking forward to boxing up Xmas too. Had a really relaxing one but have decided that next year will be with my daughter and grandchildren in London, without them there is no Xmas! All the best for the New Year Ann


I agree It really is the children that ease away the pain lines and put a smile on the chops for a bit.


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