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Red Rag Or Green Shoots

Red Rag Or Green Shoots

The Radio rouses me. The Sunday Programme is discussing Religious Apps? I open one eye and immediately the face drops its grimace and forms a smile.

The Catholic Confessional App. Other flavours available of course. I find this food for humour. Sorry if its a red rag as it were. But one App mentioned does spark my interest The Meditation App. I am not awake enough to register the name. But I find out that some of them claim to be free.

I am in the middle of a flare due to not a lot. (I used to want Here Lies A Tidy Pile At Last on the grave stone but I think Here Lies Not A Lot much more apt now). Anyway could this be the way to give the body a break for a bit. From that tiny seed of information could green shoots of hope grow?

Latter on Thought For The Day comes on. It's all a bit deep and meaningful and I am still not up but he mentions St David who was also known as Aquaticus. This provokes more pictures behind the eyes. No surely this is a joke.

Apparently not he got the name because of his ability to stand up to his neck in cold water.

This house gets a tad fraught when the Tens Machine fails work its magic so I thought this too might be worth investigating as Alternative Therapy for distraction of shrieking shoulder and such. All other-ideas will be welcomed. Thank you.

Amen B B have a good day or deleteus quickicus.


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Ah yes, St David aka "Aquaticus", also patron saint of the Somerset Levels I believe.


Thanks. I never knew that.


I read a report on tetris, how it could stop dieters thinking about food, smokers think about smoking because of the areas of the brain the game focuses on. So I thought about it and did some research into games and pain, apparently in chinese burns units they use eye activated games to anethetise patients so they can change dressings and preform operations without the use of chemical pain killers.

I have downloaded tetris and am going to give it a go anyne else want to experiment with me?



Good Luck! Truly hope it works - let us know, ok!!!


Hi Nutty

Interesting if not a bit eye watering. I don't think I would be brave enough to opt for games over a chemical cosh though.

I do think they are on to something.

Re joining your experiment I love the idea but will have to find something other than Tetris. I am ashamed to say I fail hopelessly. Got any tips for something simple really really simple.

Jig saw puzzles are also a challenge. I can cope with about 500 pieces. Many of the little bears at school are better than me. I have a theory. If you can jigsaw you can sew.

Hope this finds you on a good day.

Wasn't it lovely yesterday. Cheered the soul to have warmth and sun.



ohh nedd you have the best sense of humor!!! I love the cartoon!!! Thank you! That is soo how I felt looking at my doctor - yesterday! The man has the best of intentions, unfortunately he seems to think that Loving Pain - Is The Way Forward???? WHAT!!! How I felt is like "need a bit of time to wrap my head around that one", So seriously I was awake at 1am, thinking come on, you can do this, just add more pain , LOVE IT or...


Hi joolzzz everyone one I have come across has the best of intentions! Acceptance is the buzz word. I seem to take one step forward and 2 steps back with that one. Now this is where I reckon meditation can help. I have begun to include it in my life. The Pain Management course allowed me to rip the cd that they use. Here is hoping. It can't to any harm. Unlike some of they exercises some physio's have prescribed.

Keep on trucking.


Brilliant cartoon Nedd ! Thanks and good luck with that Tens Machine! My physio always asks if I put the ice pack on back/shoulder/knees and inevitably I say no (even though I know it helps). Maybe that's what St David was up to...



Glad you liked the cartoon. I personally think there is a cartoon for every eventuality.

I do use ice packs. And am often to be seen with one poking out of my shirt at work. But I cannot face standing under a cold shower though. Brrrrrrrr.


It goes along with the suggestion that we would all be OK if only we'd just "learn to live with the pain". To which I would love to reply, "what do you think I'm doing? I'm not dead, am I?!"

And whilst we're at it, maybe we should all hug a tree too.

Sorry, have spent a long time accepting the pain and being in charge of it. Just recently it's been hard to do that and I am in a strop with it all. But I liked the cartoon.



Are you having an attack of the Penelopy Pitt-stops?

I have no idea how you manage with a job and family. Hugging a tree doesn't help I hug trees on a regular basis. I have a special friend that I found once when the church was locked. But I think of the roots deep in the earth and her branches swaying in the breeze. It reminds me to approach things in a flexible way. After all most trees weather storms.

Oh gawd I have just spend Hours and Energy answering all you lovely people but it looks like all before teadrinker's have vanished. Wishing all our miseries disappear for a bit.

Visualise swear word here. Just a mild one mind

I have done this before sorry.


Yes, I did go all Penelope for a bit! Thank you for your kindness. It's all got a bit much recently, and I am so tired out.

I have had a big blow : I was doing so well and had played out a scene in my head, where I go to my pain clinic appointment in a couple of weeks' time and I tell them that I'm managing very nicely now thank you, and I ask to be discharged because I really don't need to waste their time or money on injections anymore.

And then came a big flare up. Well, I managed that all by myself and I was still thinking that I coudn't quite justify taking up a place in the pain clinic. But the GP I've been seeing about a couple of problems that are slightly related to the pain said yesterday that I really shouldn't get discharged just yet. And I know she's right. And I know that I need to be referred to more consultants to deal with the other problems and that means going over my case history all over again with someone new and I don't really want to do it but I will have to.

By the way, I love trees.


You old optimist teadrinker. But how disappointing for you. It is usually the clinics that eject you from their clinic seats. You hang in there girl. They will surely give you the heave ho when they think you are ready to sail on. I went into a state of despondency when I was given marching orders.

Re going over medical history.

I had a similar thing with small son. I was so tempted to say read the notes. But given they were enormous I suppose 'twas a bit much. It's a shame they can't come up with a picture of the body. With arrows and short notes on relevant details. It could be updated printed off given to patient and we could just hand it over.

Good luck chuck.



My medical notes are in 2 volumes, one for each of the hospital sites in our city. The original volume is one of those massive bulging folders that usually belongs to a 75 year old male smoker with diabetes, heart disease and double hernias, not a 40-something otherwise healthy woman. I had a minor op on my eye a few years ago and the nurse heaved my notes out of the trolley and double-checked the name because he couldn't believe they were mine.

I have spotted my own handwriting in there a few times - (not just the hilariously deluded birth plans that didn't go to plan) pages and pages of notes I've made at home and taken to consultations as an aide-memoire, which the doctors have asked to keep.

Oh well, the appointment is due next week, we shall see what happens.


Good luck.

Keep us posted.



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