my gift to you

I am sending out a gift

To you and all my friends.

Use it all you want,

It never, ever, ends.

I've stored it on a cloud,

That's not so far away.

You just reach out and take it,

It's there every single day.

It's filled with loving thoughts,

Hugs, good wishes too.

And if you want to take them out,

They're all addressed to you.

You can never, ever empty it,

[try, it's not a race]

For every 1 that you take out...

100 take its place!

You may never need one,

They're there for if you do.

Because they are my special gift,

With love from me to you!

written by me today.

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  • Thank was beautiful, and thank you so very much!!!!

    Merry Christmas sandra99b!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thankyou and to you too!

    feel free to pass it on.

    It's based on something my Mum used to do.

    If someone had suffered a loss, illness or depression or she just felt they needed it, she would give a teddy full of hugs. She'd hold it in her and and fill it with good wishes and positive thoughts, give it away, and tell them what it holds, as in my poem. I just made it rhyme. People have told me how it helped and often, carried it on, as I have. It's easier for me now to get little teddies & toy animals due to the rise in £1 shops, she had to pay more, but the thought is the same.



  • That's so nice, hope you have a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for the year ahead x

  • Thank you. This is a lovely poem and I would love to post it elsewhere if you don't mind. I will,of course, not take credit for writing it only for reading it.

  • my pleasure!


  • Sandra What a lovely poem, it really was just what I needed I am having a bad day today with pain, and it showed me that I am not the only person to worry about. My wife whom I adore is still working to keep us afloat it this expensive world we live in and it's not easy for her to cope with my mood swings but she's a brick and I really don't know how I would have managed if she had walked away. You have enlighted me and my wife with those special words THANK YOU and have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Thanks Colboy

  • That is a lovely gift which I accept with many thanks, I will certainly use it as well, your poem will be winging it,s way around the world, have a very merry Xmas and all the best for the New Year Ann xxx

  • You are so talented Sandra. Take one of them for yourself.

    Love Carol

  • Thank you Sandra Beautiful What a lovely memory of your mum too and what a great idea she had Thank you so much and a Very HAPPY CHRISTMAS

  • thankyou everyone I am so touched by your words.

    sandra x.

  • A truly beautiful poem.

  • Hello sandra99

    What a nice poem, I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and a a healthy painless New year All the very best


  • What a generous thought. I wonder where your mum came up with the idea. Thankyou.

  • I don't know, but I've enjoyed passing it on. and thinking of Mum.

    I was thinking how to explain it in an email to someone on a site like this who needed one her teddies, all I had was a name.

    I thought about it and the poem just flowed.

    I just freeflow and type without looking or correcting until it's finished.



  • guided by an angel. Sometimes I really do think there is something out there that guides us.

    I have a poem that a granddad wrote when his grandson died. I came across him on line. He said he was in bed with flue and felt driven to get up and put pen to paper. He had never written before. More things in heaven and earth I reckon.

  • that's how I began writing I woke up and a poem was ready to written down, I actually asked people if it already existed!



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