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What I want to know

Bit of this

What I want to know was anyone else swanning around the kitchen cooking Sunday lunch Topless today? It was an unsuccessful attempt to cool the back down. I went outside at one point but had to retreat in case certain parts turned blue.

The day did provide one flash of beauty glimpsed on my root march with whippet as I tried to walk it off a bit. A kingfisher.

Bit of that

Today was a bit white knuckles day.

This cheered me up though. Aren't they clever. Whippet I fear is too short plank for such antics.

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Hi nedd, that cheered me up too. They say laughter helps pain, so the more antics like that the better! Thanks for sharing it :) Hope your back is feeling better now. JP xx


Have you seen "Friday Night Dinner" on Channel 4 on Sunday nights? The dad in that is often topless at the dinner table and when doing chores around the house. It's not based on you, is it.....?


Thanks for that, you sound as mad as me! Ann


Thanks everyone for stopping by. Not seen friday night dinner but now on my hit list. I wonder if I have been spotted though the window. What would we do without rock and roll and laughter. I have already aged 10 years though furrowed brow.I would like to say the back is feeling better. Alas it is how tired I am that dictates how well I cope. But a good laugh does help. May we all get a bit of piece and quiet from our achy pains this week. knowing there are other batting the ball and plodding on is inspiring.


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