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Silver lining

Silver lining

Bit of this

While I was busy concentrating on the body beautiful in Oxford the builders at work have taken the huff and walked off the job. Not seen or heard of for weeks now. And them wot know aint saying why.

I think they were missing me my cheery smile and copious supplies of caffein. even more irritating is the fact that the only bit of the garden accessible is in shade.

As soon as I got the call the first thing that popped into my head was I bet the care taker fixes that hole in our fence left by them non work men, pronto. Sure enough there it was all done and dusted when I arrive extra extra early along with every one else. The dreaded ofsted were on there way. So every cloud does have a silver lining. We have now plugged the escape route.

Bit of that

Paws crossed that the wanders will soon return. And that ofsted will be having a good day.

The picture was going here but blog has a mind of it's own much like nasty pains!

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Love it. :) thank you.


Lovely dog. Is he a Weimaraner?


Thanks for nice comment. I spotted the dog waiting very patiently for its owner who was busy gossiping in the park. And couldn't resist snapping it. I had it down as a Weimaraner. Lovely dogs, there is one in the village called Flow she is quite bonkers.


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