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Itching with morphine and Oxycontin

Unfortunately I have no response from most analgesics, and I tend to avoid things unless my pain is really bad. (I have tried regular doses.)

However, taking an opiate at night can keep me awake literally all night with itching all over my body. Antihistamines and local applications have been unsuccessful.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

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hi don't know if this helps, i had the same reaction as you for another medication and found out i was allergic to another component of the med. might be worth asking you Dr for a skin test, this the one where they put strips on your back. been a great help to me avoiding certain things. take care


Hi my Mum had the same problem when in hospital after an op. Tell yr Dr straight away. Unfortunately she said he'd told her that she'd react the same way to almost every other opiate. It maybe there are some newer pain killer drugs out there so do ask but I suspect your symptoms alone will alert them to your reaction to it.

Here's a link that maybe useful:


Thank you.


Hi, i had the same problem as well and was given anthehistamine while in hospital and it works. now i take it with my morphine


Some pain control medications can have a contra-indication if you are allergic or if the dose is to high, Possibly the doctor could give you an additional differant painkiller to take with the opiate that is of a different group so that you can reduce the offending contra indication.

Also avoid a.lchohol at night this can cause the aforementioned problem. Also sometimes medication can cause this problem if your bloods show a lake in I think white blood cells

These can show in small yellow brown bruises that are painful, NSIDS can cause this you will need to try a different group like a cox 2 inhibiter to prevent this. So good luck have another chat with your GP


Hi i have had longterm back problems for the last 14yrs and i have been through most painkillers upto Fentanyl and found the itchy and scratchy (simpsons) untolerable at times and then one day my partners friend who is a Nurse said have i ever tried taking the Non-Drowsy Hayfever & Allergy Relief Tablets ,so i went away and tried these and instantly No more itchy & scratchy. Ask your Doctor first and try and i hope it works for you.



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