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Exceeded expectations

Bit of this

Just finished the 1st week of a Pain management course. The biggest surprise of all was the hydro therapy. I was convinced it would be cold. Couldn't have been more wrong. The hot shower afterwards was the icing on the cake. And all that hot water for free too. It really made a difference to the severity of the pain which lasted a couple of hours.

The physio had skates on running around from one to another of the group tailoring our moves to the state of our bodies.

And as for the ladies in the league of friends the coffee has enough caffein to keep me going most of the day It's a shame they can't be transported to school to administer to the builders. What more could I ask for.

Bit of that

Living in the present

Yesterday is a cancelled cheque.

Tomorrow is a promissory note.

Today is cash in hand; spend it


Now what shall I spend the rest of today on?

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Hydrotherapy is great - I had it after both my hip replacements.


I loved hydro therapy - Maybe I should go back but the waiting list is sooooo long. I tried it in a swimming pool but the water is too cold - muscles just seize up.

You can get the same warm feeling using a hot water bottle on the sore bits but you are pinned to your chair or bed as its not very portable.


Glad you enjoyed it. If you have the cash you can have a system installed in your bath, had one for years it is worth it to save up your pennies. At the moment cannot get into it will have to spend more money to get a lift fitted, so is life.

Also you can get special shower heads the produce a more local healing, tthe skies the limit, enjoy.


Ahhh, the healing powers of warm water! What a great facility you've got on your course.


I too suffer from a lot of back and hip pain and help run a group in Teddington Middlesex UK where we run hydrotherapy classes each week run by a chartered physiotherapist. If you live any where near I could give you details. We have members from Surrey, Richmond Borough, Hounslow Borough and even further afield. We charge only the basic cost price as we are a voluntary group. It really helps my pain level.


Thanks for all your encouragement. I shall try the hot water bottle technique zanna and suss out gissmos that would help at home rebel ( the eyes make connections that aren't there!) Your group sounds just the job Cast but unfortunately I live miles from you. I have researched a School near by that has a hydro pool that offer open access 2 days a week for three quarters of an hour per session on a first come basis. The facilities on the course in Oxford were fantastic teadrinker. I couldn't quite believe we didn't even have to take our own towels. And missrat I hope your hips allow you to do the hippy hippy shake or at least dream about doing it. Enjoy the sunny day that has been promised for tomorrow every one.



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