Acupuncture for pain

Acupuncture for pain

Acupuncture can provide support for people with musculoskeletal pain (NICE Guideline

CG88 supports the use of acupuncture for lower back pain - according to this guideline, acupuncture is significantly better than no intervention and also significantly better than standard/best medical care).

There is also evidence that traditional acupuncture is beneficial for a variety other conditions, including emotional and mental disorders

As you may know, the British Acupuncture Council is the UK's largest professional body, with over 3,100 traditional acupuncturists, across the UK

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  • Any chance that acupuncture would help stump pain????

  • have not ried acupuncture yet some pain clinics I understand may use or recomeeend it.

    what ever works is worth a try

  • I have tried it a couple of times but didn't get on with it. However, I know lots of people for whom it has had dramatic, positive effects on their pain, so if you haven't tried it and it's offered to you, give it a go. You never know... (And the needles aren't that bad).

  • I found chinese accupuncture with massage helped but they said it would take six weeks of three sessions per week. They then admitted it could take six months or more and the cost was prohibitive. Plus they kept trying to sell me extra chinese medicines and got very aggressive when I refused them. I would imagine the NHS would limit the no of treatments as they do with physio etc so not much good for long term chronic pain.

  • I suggest always going to a British Acupuncture Council pracititoner

    I was pleased to see this research - an analysis of patient data from 29 randomized controlled trials - it suggests that acupuncture may be better than no acupuncture or sham acupuncture for the treatment of some chronic pain, according to a report published by Archives of Internal Medicine, a JAMA Network publication. For a summary see:

  • Way back in the Seventies I was having Acupuncture for my pain and unfortunately as among other things I have tried it seemed to stop helping.

    One time when I was all pinned up with the needles all over me the doctor forgot me and went home. I unpinned myself after an hour.

    That did not put me off it and I have tried again over the years but it has lost its effect for my pain, but if you have not tried it give it a go it may work for you and if it doesn't what have you lost?

  • I have had acupuncture on my low back pain. I agreed to take part in a trial for electricity being passed through the needles. Not as bad as it sounds, it was like a huge tens machine but specifically targeted to the pain. Each pair of needles were calibrated to the level of electricity I needed and I had 20 min sessions over 8 weeks. This gave me a few hours of pain relief on the days.

    I've also had Chinese acupuncture where the needles are placed all over the body and then you are covered with blanket and a heat lamp over the worst area for 1/2 hour. The needles were removed and the insertion points were cupped with warm air to bring the blood to the surface. again this gave a few hours of pain relief.

    If it works is great, and can sort all sorts of other problems too. Its not too uncomfortable and is quite relaxing when you get used to it.

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