Ice Therapy for Pain

A good treatment for pain is placing ice at the back of the neck, the cavity where it meets the skull called the Jade Pillow in acupuncture terminology. It's cheap, no side effects and does make one feel a bit euphoric / alive. It's a strange phenomena as placing something freezing cold one the skin leads to generation of warmth and better circulation. figure that.

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  • No good for me as I also suffer from Cold Urticaria which is an allergy to the cold. Anything cold touching my skin - including cold air! - makes me burn like you would not believe and go as orange as a Belisha beacon! Then comes the itching and that is awful. I try to stay in most of the time in winter. No cure for this :(

  • maybe hibernate ?

  • I wish! I would like to live in Spain but wouldn't go alone.

  • Australia New Zealand warmer and speak same language same ancestry and traditions and warm northern part of mainland tropical in actuality. Darwin say or Top end of WA or Queensland. Always looking for skilled people who assimilate and air fares not so expensive - go get a visa and come on down!

  • Oh if only I was able to - also was able to contribute when I got there/had the money to get there/ was mobile enough to get there! Ah well - it's a nice thought and thank you :)

  • a romantic, that is a rare thing

  • Yes I use this for nerve pain in the head and it does help.

  • Hi Elaine, I looked up the fibromyalgia you talk about. I get a general sort of pain, unpleasant really.

  • I was told not to use ice on my neck as it can affect the blood flow to your brain. I do wonder if your feeling of euphoria when you do it is actually oxygen starvation???

  • hi, it's meant to be ice on the actual acupuncture point. You did read the part that says it's effect is to increase circulation and warmth ? It's a form of therapy popular in Asia and now with top athletes.

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