Blue badge

Does it annoys anyone else, when others (lots of taxi drivers) park in disabled bays.

I wish when it happens, you could find a parking warden, as on numerous occasions, when I have said "you really shouldn't park here without a blue badge".

I've received a torrent of foul language, so I've learned it is better to say nothing, whilst giving a disappointing look.


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21 Replies

  • You're not alone '

  • Could you take a photo and send it to the parking authority?

    Or if ablebodied enough- stick a small length of matchstick in the tyre valves crossways. That may be illegal- but makes one feel very satisfied.😈

  • Madlegs1,I like your thinking. Haha!

  • The other week no disabled spaces left and one had been taken up with a fork lift truck the annoying part was there was space were he could of put it I was so tempted to hone the company up

  • I once called to complain about Dominio pizza, thier drivers were constantly parking in the only 2 bays. They must have got on to the council.

    Suddenly 3 bays,& no more pizza delivery cars parked in them. It's really the responsibility of the driver,most companies wouldn't approve,looks bad on their company.

  • I imagine that we are all infuriated by this inconsiderate practice. I Have been known to put notes on windshields and have taken photos (although not used them - pointless but it kind of works if they are in the car!) I also get annoyed by people blocking dropped kerbs...

  • One time years ago maybe 40 years ago I came out t my car after grocery shopping and there was a car parked next to me. It was not there when I parked my car. It was so close I don't know how they didn't take off my mirror. I had to crawl to my drivers seat from the passenger side. Welll I had a post it note with me, I wrote on it something like next time don't park so close ok it could have said you {#%^+£¥•} if you know what I mean. People can be so mean to total strangers. It doesn't matter who they are. What I am trying to say this has been going on for so many years.

  • Leave a note that says !!!Next time leave a can opener so i can get my f..... car out.

  • I often, if I have the time, wait for the person to come back, then talk to them. If I get abuse, I'm not above videoing or photographing them. Name and shame. I've had good results from calling the company in question. Ironically, once it was a disability enablement company!

  • I keep leaflets in my car which I got from Google images and place one of them on their windscreen

  • It really p..... me off they seem to think they are above the law,not all but most.Ide say it happens everywhere.I get out and make them move the car because i am so sick of it.I made a prison van back out and move once,no sticker no parking.Over it all.

  • I agree with all answers! From now on if it's a commercial vehicle, I will jot down number & call the company.

    As I said in the past, confrontation, doesn't seem to have gotten me far.

    I have driven around & around, waiting for a space so i can get my mobility scooter out of the boot. (Impossible in any other bay) eventually given up & gone home,on occasions

    It is an issue that should be taken seriously. Too many drivers flout the law.

  • I get really annoyed when the mother and baby spaces are taken by by mum and her two kids of school age!!

  • I once parked in a mother & baby space and although I was then getting my scooter unhooked from the hoist, a woman drove up beside me, &proceeded to tell me that these spaces were for people with children .

    I said nothing (nothing to say!)

  • In France the disabled bays have a sign which translates as 'If you want to take my space take my disability '. I would love to see them here!

  • I like it!

  • It's great isn't? Maybe we should start a petition.....!

  • I agree Jenies, where do I sign?

  • Taxi's can park in the bay's ONLY if they are picking up a disabled person. Some councils issue blue badges to Taxi's, BUT if they are not collecting someone and waiting for a fare. Then it's a Offence, unless they are disabled. But I do see it happening too often. We saw two of our comrades get a ticket at 9pm the other night. All the parking at the car park was taken up, also Europeans are leaving cars in the multistorey car parks and then leaving the UK. Too many yellow lines to make you use the car park. But the roads are wide enough to park four buses, side by side. (Boston)

    Roll on 2019.

  • ?

  • Yes, it is annoying. If you are in a supermarket car park you can tell the manager, but it's a bit like a policeman, there is never one around when you want one. I did once block a driver in when he parked in a disabled slot. He was furious with me, but I just smiled, said 'Good Morning" and got in my car and pulled back for him to get out, but not before I'd slowly checked my mirror, seat, seat belt etc. By this time he was boiling. Tee tee!!!

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