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Hello, I’m of the AARP generation and within the last two years I have watched my health decline rapidly. I just moved and am in the process of getting a new Dr.

I am however in therapy and in our talks I was informed the suboxone pain patch may be my best shot at getting a somewhat better quality of life. My therapist and I have been looking at my options and the cheapest one is two hundred per month.

Seems, after talking to my therapist I learned that this direction, the doctors who write these scripts are geared more towards helping people with addiction problems and as such charge a high fee, a fee that I can’t afford but I do have insurance, which these doctors don’t accept. They only want cash.

My pain is horrific and I’m nearing the end of exploring my options. I have back problems and leg issues too, most days my right leg is worthless and I’m afraid to walk anyways, with each step I’m anticipating if my leg is going to land perfectly, or am I going to feel that horrible pain shoot thru my leg again?

I’m just looking for a legit place where I might acquire this medicine.

Is a service such as writing scripts performed here?

Bty not sure if it matters or not but I am located in Maine.

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Hi, don't know where in Maine you are located,but there are pain management clinics located throughout the state that maybe of help. Suboxone is generally used to prevent narcotic withdrawal symptoms aND may not be effective for your pain in the doses prescribed. In any case, if you call the closest hospital or Google pain management Maine, you may find a doc nearby who specializes in pain management and will evaluate you and prescribe something helpful. It would be illegal to prescribe a class 2 narcotic without being seen in person and given a physical prescription. Best of luck, ethereal. By the way, if 420 room means what it implies, you may find cannibis to be helpful with pain relief.

I'm sorry you're in so much pain. While I don't know the answer to your question, I empathize with you since I'm also in the US (upper Midwest) and am disgusted how it's profits over people here. It is a shame that medication and getting help is so expensive here that many like you, don't get the treatment you need. Have you checked out CBD or can you get medical marijuana?

There are no doctors on this site. Is for people who have pain issues. To find helpful suggestions for ways to manage pain.

Do you have sciatica issues? What was your pain diagnosed as?

If you live in the US you do not want to start on suboxon. You will end up being ladeled as a drug addict. I've known it to happen to others. You need to see a pain management doctor who will agree to prescribe you opiates. I've had 15 years of pain and I know a lot of what is going on in the US as it relates to pain management and opiates. I'd be happy to share what I know. If you want to talk send me a PM.

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Please PM me as I dunno how to do that just yet


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