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Its been 5 years now ive struggled with chronic lower back pain . Ive been diagnosed with degenerative disc . I have codine which takes the edge off my pain . Everday it seems to be getting worse , im now getting pain in all my joints . Its exsausting sleep . Feels like no one understands and im on my own . Just be good to have someone to talk too .

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hi I don't usually post but I have the same problem and can fully understand Ive been told as the discs break down the chemicals released irritate the nerves causing widespread pain. Im currently waiting for a nerve block for a bulging disc.

I don't think anyone understands what I feel either and say its only a bit of back ache, I only wish. I take dihydrocodeine but that isn't really working anymore.

I thought it would be nice to talk to someone who understands also.

What I find helps the most is an electric heat pad.

I'm going through the same pain with my sciatica as well. Was injured at work. I'm a CNA so it was bound to happen with all the patient lifting we do, so all you CAN's out there beware. Anyway I can't blame work because I didn't know that I was injured from work until it was to late, so I'm on my own. Good thing that I have good insurance. I'm about to get laser surgery on my sciatica which the doctor tells me it will be a half inch incision which is way better than open surgery. They cut you by 8 inches, and it takes 3 to 4 months to recover. Laser surgery is way less pain recovery time is a month to a month in a half depending on your body. Still less than 3 to 4 months. The doctor told me that the longer you wait to get treated. The worse that it gets. It can get to the point where as surgery won't help. Can you imagine!? Not being able to rid the pain?? So if you have any lower back pain and have been putting it off. Go see your doctor please before you can't do anything about your sciatica pain. I'm 46 and I can't see living the rest of my life in pain and on pain meds that stop working after some time or even the pain spreading. I really hope that someone has read this and it helps you. Life is to short and if you have loved ones that you like to spend time with go see your doctor before it's to late, and wish me luck on my surgery which takes place in December. Remember there should be nothing you won't do to get back to 100%. Hope everyone finds a solution to getting back to happiness. Much love.

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Hi wanting to know unfortunately you will never be back to normal the operation the laser one Is just the same as all the other operations it might improve your condition but you will never get back to normal nobody does with or without operations whatever the treatment as you will find out in the real world not unless you have the best specialist in the world and even then you won't get 100% back to normal sorry to burst your bubble but it's a fact once the damage is done it always leaves a problem people don't seem to understand until it happens to them.

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good luck for your operation hope all goes well

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Is your sciatica pain from a disc pain.In may MRI showed i had 3damaged bulge discs and nerve root impingement on 3 levels.Waiting for pain killing injections.I have been told that if disc problem sorted my sciatica will go brilliant or so I thought.Admitted to hospital as a emergency my gp thought a nerve was pressing on my spinal cord had emergency Mr I it was pressing on lumbar spine.never been so scared in my life.Just waiting on seeing pain team then can go home.Thank God.

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Neldine in reply to Wanting2Know

Been nearly 4 years caretaking my husband, mother and neighbor. Probably too late for me. Really, don't a an imbecile like me.

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You have just perfectly explain to me why pain it's not just physical it is more psychologically damaging then anyone thought I suffer from chronic pancreatitis the morphine seems to be a constant State of Mind because pain control comes at a price not just the side effects the unseen things I mean like the risk of being prosecuted for driving or drifting off in public the truth is the age old cliche don't knock it until you've tried it.i don't know guys I just feel lost and alone and I don't want to be but I feel like nuisance and the bour

Can't they forward you to pain management at your local hospital? I have the same plus bulging discs and a few other niggles. I have the epidural pain injection.. helps me so much...

Welcome I feel people who don't have this underestimate how continuous pain drags a person down. They associate it with the ache you get after too much gardening but of course that goes away.

I always feel that lower back pain is one of the worse as it interferes with everything you do, walking, sitting lying and sometimes rest makes it worse. I find sitting on a hard chair for more than 20 minutes excruciating. I had to go to a funeral yesterday 30 minutes and I couldn't wait to get home and was no good for the rest of the day and up half the night with the pain. I do hope that you can get some help with the pain.x

Joe I promise you your not alone

It's an awful experience.

I use cold compresses when the pain is bad- ( gel packs from the fridge that go into a velcro belt pack which can be strapped around the body)

Lidocaine patches are very effective- but expensive and can only be used for 12 hrs- but good for allowing sleep.

Stretching exercises may help if you are not too far gone. Keeping fit and supple are incredibly important. Both for body and mind.

Otherwise you are into physical interventions as described above.

All the best.

You perhaps need a scan of your spine to really see what is happening - try asking your GP to get you examined at your local hospital. Also Codeine may now not be powerful enough to help you. When I had severe sciatica I used painkillers which released opiates over a 12 hour period rather than all in one go.

thanks for all your replies , much appreciated . Its good to know im not alone in the struggle to get some pain releif . Going to speak to my doctor again to see if theres anything else I can try .

I had the discetomy for l5s1 problems on emergency because of wetting the bed and door drop, three months later full fusion was needed. It took over a year and majotr physical therapy and pain meds. It did get better until 15 yrs later but I had an injury to my neck requiring fusion. Please be careful with options and even second opinions. Pain mgmt seems a great option and my prayers for all of us as these problems do make life so chAllenging on every level

Hi Joe 19 I fell through a floor board landing on cooper piping.I had small fracture damaged both shoulders and 3 bulges discs with nerve root impingement on multiple levels.I had MRI in may which confirmed this I started a new job and stupidly went to work.I had to leave in February this year.I loved my job and didn't want to leave it I had no choice I lifted a patient my shoulder froze I couldn't move it.Dr said I had a frozen Shoulder.I have had injections twice in both shoulders didn't work.I am having left shoulder ultra sound with examination and injection.Then two weeks later I have same with right shoulder.I am on waiting list for spinal injection it's my spine but I have to have it..Dr said if we can get to sorce of problem in my Back then my sciatica should go .I hope so .I suffer really bad with it.I am lucky I have two Drs who I see if problems.I have just been given Six Months sick note.I saw him today and he said you have been in pain two long 4 months.Things are in place so we should get to lower back .My lumbar spine is where problems are.Like I said I have good Drs.Which makes a difference to me as they are supportive.I had a blood test which showed I had polymyalgera rheumatic.It is affecting my nerves in my body muscle spasms .swelling and in formation pain I tested positive for these .I am now on low dose steroids which I didn't want to take I have to so symptoms are monitered by my go.sorry so long once I started I wanted to say loads .GOOD LUCK every one .


Myself and many others understand and have great empathy for everyone else who is trying to get by while too tired to think but in so much agony that even breathing feels too hard. Really sorry you're caught in this web of pain in the midst of blaming anyone who needs pain relief for the entire (manufactured) OPIOID CRISIS! Hope you have some easier days ahead AND luck into a decent primary care physician.

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