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Pain Matters: the magazine for people living with chronic pain. Issue 76 out now


What do we mean when we talk about pain?

In this edition of Pain Matters, we have invited the members of the Flippin’ Pain™ campaign to guest-edit a pain neuroscience education special. A public health campaign delivered by Connect Health, Flippin’ Pain aims to improve health literacy around persistent pain, building on the work done by world-renowned pain scientist and science educator Professor Lorimer Moseley.

As Professor Cormac Ryan says, ‘for over half a century, much of what scientists have learned about pain has remained hidden away in academic journals gathering dust’, unobtainable to the people who need it most: the people who live with pain every day. This edition of Pain Matters, along with the Flippin’ Pain campaign, aims to change this, one step at a time.

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