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Tens machine


Hi I’ve been advised to buy a tens machine but there so many out there, just wondering if anyone has used them and which ones would you recommend.

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Hi, the one recommended by the NHS is the TPN 200 Premier+ TENS Machine. It uses batteries and is light and easy to use. Less than £30 too on most sites. Good luck.

Hi, thank you so much I’ll look into it now.

I use a wireless machine which I find easier. It's a Medifit from the Tens Machine co. It's a lifesaver at times.

I’ll have a look thank you so much

I bought mine about 3 years ago from Lloyd’s pharmacy. It uses batteries but am still using the same. It was £25 and works fine and is easy to use.

Thanks, I’ll have a look, making a shortlist haha

Haha 😂. I am sure they are all pretty much the same. My pain specialist recommended the one I have. Hope it will work for you. For me it works to some degree but only when the little pads are on but it’s nice for some relief. Have fun trying it.

I’m actually excited to try it 😂. I feel like a kid a Christmas. I’m not expecting miracles but hopefully it will ease the pain slightly at least. I hope anyway. At this point I’d try anything haha 😂

It’s definitely helpful I’d say. The time you have it on it helps to reduce the pain. Plus you can up the intensity. I have been through quite a lot but always quite liked the tens machine when I could use it. It’s a good time to try and meditate at the same time (something I’d never thought I’d try but my pain guy said to embrace lots of things to help as a whole). Let us know what you thought of it anyway. Also what area will you be using it on?

My pain doc recommended meditation too. I definitely will let you know how I get on. I’ll be using it mainly on my abdomen and legs and occasionally my hands as they get really bad

I’ve used a tens unit on and off for over 20 years.. I’ve had several back surgeries and 2 failed so what I have found is the sensation they give is a distraction for me when pain is almost unbearable where you can’t think all you can really do is lay down,, afte 23 years of being on OxyContin and fentanyl and workers Comp now having a valid excuse to screw me over by not authorizing payments on pain med prescriptions Provided to me by every surgeon and pain management Dr Who’s ever evaluated my injuries but workers Comp insurance adjusters try to wear you down and it’s cruel as hell.. I’m getting off point,, lol! I think tens units are a good device for anyone with chronic pain.. I normally have a industrial type device through insurance but while fighting insurance company I was left with nothing so I found a couple on amazon that are reasonable the best one so far is b NURSAL it’s called mini massager but does the same as a tens unit,, it goes for under $40... Another I have used but then dropped it and broke it but anyways it’s labeled as a tens unit it is made by Shield which is also on amazon and around $35 .. Hope this helps

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