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How to get a referral to pain team


Hi, I was wondering if there is criteria to be referred to pain team in Scotland? My GP has tried me on all sorts of meds to help with nerve, bone and muscle pain in legs and pelvis but none really helping. I’ve now got additional pain from a slight tear in a disc in lower back so on strong painkillers for that too. I had asked before for a referral but was told there were things we could try’s now 8 months later and now off work. My gps referral to neurologist was refused as they didn’t think it was a neuro problem even tho if was nerve pain. 🙁

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Ask your GP to refer you annd this he must do. However there is a very long waiting list.

We used to live in Scotland...first pain clinic was out of PRI from Ninewells in Dundee and second Coatbridge out of Wishaw. 2 super consultants and team nnurs etc.

Be aware though there is no magic pill. Pain clinic is lovingly known as 'last chance saloon'. They can offer you various alternatives to pills....well certainly used to. It is pain management where you learn to manage your pain with pacing etc.


Marmarae in reply to Bananas5

Last chance saloon! Thanks that’s made me laugh! I saw GP this morning and finally has agreed to refer to pain team and also neurology. Looking at possible diagnosis of crps or fibromyalgia....neither sound good but at least I won’t feel a fraud and can get my head round it all!

I'm not sure where you are based but pain concern do one off free sessions across Glasgow that you can attend with a loved one. This might offer you some ideas and coping strategies while you wait for your referral. My understanding is that pain clinics do not generally diagnose but they do work with you on managing your pain. We recently attended one and learnt some useful tips about pacing etc x

I don't know about in Scotland but here in England all the CCGs have to have pathways for referral. They don't usually publish them publicly for patients to use, but if you can get hold of them that should give you an idea of the correct pathway and all the things that have to be done before a referral can be started.

Also do you have full access to your medical notes? That might also give you a clue about what is going on. For instance a GP referral to a sleep clinic was rejected for my son. When I saw the referral letter I realised why. The GP had made it sound like my son had insomnia, which he doesn't. The clinic specifically doesn't see people with insomnia! If I had seen the referral letter and the rejection letter I could have helped the GP write a more appropriate one.

I have just finished a pain management programme. Basically it is seen as a last resort and normally you are only referred after all other options have been visited. On reflection it did take me about 4 years to be referred. This was after seeing a consultant surgeon, a rheumatologist having every test known to man and trying every medication option. I started with osteoarthritis, then was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome, followed by widespread chronic pain syndrome and just to be sure fibromyalgia.

Oh my goodness! I’m probably half way through then as it’s been about 2 years!!

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