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Possible friendship with someone who understands constant pain

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Hi struggling with constant pain and now anxiety and depression really need a friend to talk to therapy is making things worse for me and I cannot get much lower feeling desperate for something good to happen x

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Hey Spirit99 what's going on?

Yes please share lots of us here


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good for improving mood

Therapy ala talking therapy can make things a lot worse. What is needed are skills to manage and investigate your condition.


Sorry to hear about your situation, I've been in constant agony due to a bulging disc causing sciatica for the last 4 months and have spent several nights crying in both agony and loneliness.... totally understand your situation

Pls get mri

I got one, they diagnosed the L4 L5 S1 disc issue with the nerve

Yes i saw this later and mri is good to have. For clarity

I had 3 Levels L3-L4 and L4-L5 And L5-S1

So you have 2 level L4-L5 and L5-S1

Have you had any tests and what have Drs offered in terms of treatment,, apart from painkillers

I had mri and surgery

Post opp week 12 no meds

Have you had mri

Hi there, you do not say what is the cause of your pain, what you are taking or why they think therapy is your only solution. Speaking from many years of experience self help groups often work better as they can share experiences and tested drug ideas but if you are house bound forums serve a good purpose. I am a member of the Arthritis Action charity and we meet once every six weeks to discuss ways of self managing illness with pain involved. You can of course just message people on the site to discuss more deeply your problems or contact arthritis action direct about pain. Look forward to hearing from you again. Best wishes

Well I live in the US but feel free to contact me through Facebook messager. My Facebook name is Kathleen Kaiser with Kaiser Pest control. You can call or message either way.

I've suffered from chronic back pain for 13 years. I've done pretty much all treatment available. I sometimes go down the rabbit hole too. I understand.

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Tommyj1954 in reply to Amkoffee

Have.you tried surgery

Sure we chat

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