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CBD with antidepressants and painkillers?


I am taking Venlalic XL 150 mg and Pregablin 150 mg for Fibromyalgia and am keen to understand the risks if any from also using CBD oil for the pain. Anyone have any info or experience, I would be grateful. The CBD oil is 2.75% recommended by a friend who does not take any antidepressants or painkillers.

Thanks in advance

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Hello, I have Fibromyalgia, I was told by someone about CBD oil but I am yet to be convinced. It would be good to hear from someone who has used it. About pros and cons. Damn...my pain is like a slow death for me😢

Monkey233 in reply to Painny

I am in the same boat, recommended to try it, but not really confident about mixing CBD with meds. Needing quality sleep and less pain 😣🤔

Painny in reply to Monkey233

My medication is a mixture of physio, counselling and going to support groups. I hate feeding my body with chemicals as it creates side effects and different kind of pain. 🤯this is my brain most of the time🧠 just about to pop out from agonising pain

All the best🏋🏿‍♂️🚵🏽‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️

Hopinggh in reply to Painny

Hello ! Cbd worked significantly after about a month. It made me tired. I would go back on it. But, i read newest studies show it damages dna ! This is very unfortunate news. More studies are needed. I have peripheral neuropathy and i am in severe pain all the time. I am trying acupuncture today. I have had this for so many years that i dont even know when it started.

I feel i might still go back on cbd.

Please research it yourself online.

I am also very desperate for relief. I take no drugs, yet.

I am still looking for some kind of natural miracle and try all kinds of vitamins and supps.

Good luck ! I hope you find some relief.


Monkey233 in reply to Hopinggh

Thanks, there seems no easy solution for any of us in pain, I will continue to research and make a decision then.

Hopinggh in reply to Monkey233

Hi there ! I think we have new hope ! My new doctor, who i visited today for my first acupuncture treatment, recommends i use an INFRA RED appliance for at home infrared light treatment as well.

I read about this briefly before. Im now reading it is something to consider.

Also, he recommends CBD A - said regular cbd will not work for me.

He said i should start feeling improvement from acupuncture @ after about 4th visit.

This is my new hope. Might be good for you too !


Hi I have been using cbd for a few months now and I find it does help a bit with pain management. I am waiting for a spinal op on my neck and have a lot of nerve pain. I also take dihydrocodeine baclofen and gabapentine.

Cbd is just one cannaboid and for me a full spectrum cbd oil (so cbd with smaller amounts of several other cannaboids) is far superior to just cbd. I use one that has high levels of cbda and its helped a lot.

Before buying you should check with the company the lab results to ensure it has got cbd in it as many unscrupulous sellers are jumping on the cbd band wagon and selling poor quality stuff.

Cbd seems to affect people differently some find it amazing, some get some benefit, some none at all. I think most are in the middle. It's no miracle cure but is unfortunately being marketed as such. For me it's not as effective for pain relief as prescribed medicine, but I do notice pain increases and sleep is worse when I stop cbd.

The main risk with cbd and medication is that in the limited human studies done it has been shown to alter liver enzymes. Specifically the same ones that metabolize certain drugs. This is something it's quite important to understand as it could mean too little or too much of a medication is absorbed by the body. So do some research before you start cbd, the website project cbd is great place to start. And start on a low dose of cbd, with as long a gap between medicine doses as possible.

Hope that helps

Hopinggh in reply to RonSton7

Thank you very much for your very informative email on CBD!

My acupuncture doctor recommended CBDA for pain as well. I have also read about the metabolizing of drugs concern when on CBD.

There is a study that showed it damages DNA . This is a big blow and needs to be studied further.

Take care and thank you. Happy Holidays !


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