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Acupuncture treatment



It has been so many days that I am suffering from migraine and back pain. I need relief from this. I had tried many natural remedies. But the effect was only for some time. Recently, when I read a health magazine, I came to know about acupuncture treatment. I saw some pictures of it on the internet and found it scary. But, I would like to give it a try as my condition is getting worse each day.

A friend suggested a clinic offering acupuncture treatment in Mississauga ( ). Had anyone tried their treatment? Does it hurt when needles are inserted into the body? Please share your experiences.


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I tried it once a few weeks back for back pain.The needles are very thin ,so you won't feel them.I had the 'cupping' treatment as well ,but didn't like it(lots of bruising for a week).

I had no benefit from it ,but like they say anything is worth a try!

Have had migraines since I’ve been 16. I’m 69 now. Take Topiramate to help prevent and Imitrex if I get one. Takes away in a half hour. Acupuncture helped relax but not relieved. New remedy is Botox injections every 12 weeks and has excellent results. I feel sorry for you and know how others don’t realize how horrible a migraine is. Good Luck!

I have had acupuncture on and off for years for various issues though not for migraine or back pain. Most recently, it has been for post herpetic neuralgia following a bout of shingles in January but it has not helped that although I think it helped me in other ways. I have never found it to be painful. Occasionally you might feel a sharp feeling like a mild electric shock but it is momentary. For backs, I don’t think you can beat either a good chiropractor or osteopath.

Hi Ikorazen, Although Accupuncture looks scary it isn't. I don't like needles but I love accupuncture.

I was hesitant on my first session but as soon as the needles were inserted into my skin my pain disappeared. It was the 1st time in 10 years that I could not feel the pain in my legs. My legs had no feeling at all just like they used to be before I had peripheral neuropathy. It is an excellent way to relax and I found that I slept extremely well on the days that I had accupuncture. My only problem was the cost. Being dependant on State Benefits makes it difficult to afford accupuncture sessions. I would edfinitely recommend anyone who is thinking of having accupuncture to try it.

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