I have spinal cord injury, with a lot of nerve pain. All the meds I have tried do not work or I do not tolerate!

I have heard some good things about acupuncture. Its really my last alternative! Can anyone tell me from experience how it goes? How do you find one?? I am in USA. How can you be sure you have found a good one with the right expertise?? If you have tried it---how did it go for nerve pain? Blessings to all of you!

Know everyone on here is suffering to some degree! Thank You!


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  • I don't know how you'd find one in the US. here in the UK, we can see a register of approved Acupuncturists or it's word of mouth or telephone directory. But always ensure they are registered practitioners.

  • Try They should have a list of certified acupuncturists in your area. I have had the help of a wonderful acupuncturist for 30 years. Acupuncture heals the physical as well as the emotional pain so tell them all your problems. Good luck!

  • Kimster---I appreciate you help!, but when I go to site the page is closed!

    I will keep trying!!! Thanks again!!! Glad to hear you have luck with them!


  • Kimster---I did find site for my area, very close by--Thanks so very much!

    Sending you hugs!!!!!!


  • Chinese drs do accupuncture too, although it's different to the western method. Some physios are registered to do accupuncture too. Maybe just looking on line in your area to find one. Ask a few questions before signing up with them.

    Accupuncture generally has good reports with only a few people not getting the result they wanted. It's usually given in short courses 4 - 6 weeks, and if you need seveal courses, these are quite spaced apart, maybechaving 2 a year.

    In lots of people benefit is felt immediately after, though some may have a reaction (worsening of symptoms for a few days following) This is a normal process the body goes through to heal. If it happens, you need to be able to rest it out, keeping your muscles warm, plenty of fluids to flush out the released toxins.

    A tens machine may help. It's one of those things that either soothes or agitates the nerves, but you don't know till you try it.

    Bowen therapy releases nerves and lets them heal naturally. You get as many sessions as you need weekly reducing to none. This also releases deeply buried emotions and causes fatigue. There may be a feeling of bruising over areas worked on, but that's short lived.

    Craniotherapy is the weirdest thing I've done. You just lie on your back as relaxed as possible and the therapist holds your balanced head equally in their hands. You can feel your body relaxing and muscles realining themselves. Each time you do it, the more relaxed your body gets. Again, you have as many sessions as you need, weekly reducing to monthly.

  • Zanna----thank you for your input! My big concern is that I find someone who knows what they are doing!

    I never heard of bowen therapy? Do you know if acupuncture helps nerve pain? Do they have to be registered and have a license? I will continue to research. Thanks again! Good Luck to you too!


  • Yes they should be registered and have a license. Generally the oriental practitioners have more in depth training and more expertise. I've never heard of anyone being hurt by acupuncture. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, in my experience. You won't know unless you try. I would also recommend Cranio Sacral therapy, it is so gentle, a good Physio to help realign you and to give you daily stretching exercises. Pain needs a a multi faceted approach, as they teach in pain rehab courses, also a good idea. There are good drugs for nerve pain, I don't know if you have tried them: Topiramate, Oxcarbazepine are just two. Wishing you luck.

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