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Fed Up With Chest, Hips, Rib etc pain

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I have being suffering pain around chest, ribs, hips for several months now alongside lightheadeness. I have being told it was anxiety and given sertraline 50mg and had 2 chest xray's, 2 ECG's, loads of blood tests, ultrasound on renal profile.

Since starting sertraline 50mg about 8 weeks ago I have put a stone in weight on which docotr recons will sort itself out (but im not sure) survived Christmas but NYE was back at doctors after someone on thr forums suggested i may have a Pulminory Embolism. Doc carried out a wells test (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, temperature, history etc) and said I scored a 0 but may have Ostochronditis and tod me To stop using "dr google" and increased sertraline to 100mg, given omeprazole 20mg and told to take ibuprofen to help costochronditis and said havinfg a cold will make anxiety worse.

Well NYE I started the increased dosage and took ibuprofen but today I woke up with blood in my saliva so thought it was my tonsils as they are inflamed but after wiping tonsils with a cotton bud there was nothing so back to Dr I went today amd now told I have a viral infection and tontake amoxixillin. I have asked for an MRI or CT but told no test results warrants these test. This is becoming silly I am now taking a whole cocktail of meds and it sucks I want answers. I currently have a headache, sore chest, tired, sore lower back yer yeayerday I helped my father tske xmas decs doen and store away today a day in bed.

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Hi. Happy new year.

Sorry for your pain.

Have you tried natural ways such as medical marijuana.

It may be of help

See a McTimony chiropractor. There is a possibility that you have muscle micro cramps. Muscle micro cramps can cause all sorts of difficulties and unfortunately medical doctors know nothing about them. It is easier to dish out pills than to spend time checking if the body's muscular system is functioning the way it should.

An Alexander Teacher is worth seeing to check for posture and muscle control issues.

Faulty muscle behaviour requires that the brain learns to stop doing faulty muscle movement and replace the faulty movement with better movement. Drugs do not teach better muscle control that reduces pain and discomfort.

The above is for you to investigate to find out if the suggestion is right or wrong.

Hope I have been helpful.

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