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Tapentadol and Headaches. Do they go away? Has anyone experienced this?


Headaches on Tapentadol?

I’ve just started Tapentadol ER 100mg x2 3 weeks ago from spine problems, chronic migraines, and CRPS. I had been on fentanyl patches 37.5mcg for several years, doing wonderfully with a healthy quality of life, but my insurance company kicked me off of them - I’m in USA and apparently they want me on abuse-deterrent opioids no matter how detrimental or the monetary cost.

Since I started Tapentadol, I have had a crushing headache. Not a migraine, just feels like a car sitting on top of my head.

Has anyone experienced this and had it go away as your body became accustomed to the medication?

Thank you.

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I was prescribed tapentadol for sciatica and was taking it to good effect. However i had chronic migraines and Cluster headaches whilst on them, I could not function neurologically as such but i had no pain in my back. I was advised to come off them and the daily chronic migraines reduced as did the CH.

Describing a headache like yours, calls for a blood test for GCA....Giant cell Arteritis. I was diagnosed 13 years ago, with the headaches from hell.

Left unattended leads to irreversible and sudden blindness. Get it checked. Also see Opthalmologist. Best wishes.

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