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Headache that never goes away..


I have been having this headache for a month and it doesnt seem to get any better. My whole head feels that it is being squeezed by a thousand rubber band. Sometimes the pressure goes to my nose, at times my eyes and I feel pain around my cheek bones. I feel restless and dizzy at times and simply dont have the mood to do anything. Anyone has a similar condition.. I really need help...

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Hi there, I've had a headache for nearly 3 years now, and am only just getting some decent help! I write a blog painpositive.wordpress.com, you're welcome to take a look and see if your symptoms add up to what I've been experiencing.. I'm being treated for tension headache, migraine symptoms and soon to be scanned with contrast for problems on the sphenoid wing. Am obviously a patient, not a medical professional, but if I can help at all, get in touch. Best wishes, Toni

hi OngFL, has your g.p. ordered any investigations?

OngFL in reply to hamble99b

Nope. I told me to take medicine and monitor for a while. Like most will suspect its a tumour but there are no symptoms of it.

Oh I can sympathise , I've had a headache for over a week normally get them monthly but this one is severe . It's so debilitating . I hope you mange to find out how to relieve it. Maybe look at the simple things like dehydration - drink more water , maybe diet could be things making it worse, look at meds your on? , do you wear glasses if not do you need them or need prescription changed. Do tou sit for hours in front of a computer screen? whats changed in last month , when did it start, maybe keep a diary , might help , otherwise see your GP , sorry If there's too much info I normally try and look at basics first 😉

OngFL in reply to sianr

I have been drinking alot of ribena, ate fried food and drink very little water. I just got my eyes lasik and I do not sit on a computer screen for hours but i do play with my phone almost every single minute. Im starting to adjust all these bad habits and see if it gets better. Ive had a few medicine but some of it made me feel even worse.

There are the medical investigations which need to be done if they have not been done. That is down to the GP. There is another another area of investigation which the medical profession know need to nothing about. This is the area of posture.

The human body is designed to allow the head to balance on the top of the spine. The human head is quite heavy. If the head is not balanced at the top of the spine muscles have to carry the weight of the head to varying degrees. This cab cause various types of muscle spasm in all sorts of places with intense headaches as a result.

It is worth adopting two approaches to investigate this. A visit to a McTimony chiropractor to look for muscle spasms. A visit to an Alexander teacher to deal with posture issues.

Hope this helps.

OngFL in reply to johnsmith

Really appreciate the advice. Thanks! Will look into this area asap

I have done a CT scan and the results are fine.

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