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Was knocked off my bike still in pain PLEASE HELP

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I was knocked off my bike by a cab reversing into me on may 4th. Since then I have suffered pain constantly in my right ankle . I saw physio who sent me to the foot clinic because every step I take my ankle turns over EVERY STEP. It's so swollen but goes up even more. I now wear a moon boot. I had an MRI but they said it's clear. If I walk without the moon boot it still turns over. My solicitor is sending me to an orthopaedic surgeon but I'm so fed up. I still have nightmares and I was a homecarer and cycled 20 plus miles daily to all my visits but I'm now changing jobs I can't imagine cycling that much. How can it be clear but still be so swollen and painful. Why is my ankle still turning over . Should it be my solicitor sending me somewhere while the foot clinic send me back to physio but nothing has changed since physio sent me to the foot clinic.

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See a McTimony chiropractor. They will check everything. This may not be what the solicitor will accept, but you want remove the things causing pain. Physio will not do a whole body check up. The orthopaedic surgeon is standard for law court report. In reality if no broken bones are pretty useless.

It can take a year or more for tendons to heal for some people so this could be 'normal' for you. I remember as a child that my mother sprained her ankle and she had to have it strapped up for over a year before she could walk on it normally. That was the days before MRIs which in some ways makes it worse for people as there is a tendency to dismiss things because 'the computer says no'. I wonder if better than an orthopaedic surgeon, you should ask your GP for a referral to podiatry. They are the experts in feet, and unlike the surgeons they use conservative measures. There could be more going on in your foot and ankle than you realise. In some areas you can self refer to podiatry.

Sorry to hear of all you've been through, the pain you're still suffering and the impact this has had on your life.

The Orthopaedic Specialist is the one you need, I think. He/she will be more familiar with the injury possibilities.

I suppose there was nothing obvious in the xrays either?

Many years ago a friend tripped on a damaged tiled floor. He was in agony, it looked like his foot was hanging off!

The hospital A&E sent him home saying 'nothing broken - nothing in the xray' - review with Orthopaedics in 2 days.

They were a very painful couple of days - He had to stay at his parent's. He couldn't even walk to the toilet or weight bear - had to have his parents hold him.

As soon as the Orthopaedic Consultant saw him he admitted him for surgery - to repair the ligament.

So hopefully your Orthopaedic Consultant will be able to diagnose and help you.

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