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Hello. I have a number of problems that if any of you have any of them too, I could do with a chat about them such as what might help you, tests, etc. Ok so some on my list are; microvascular angina, lipodeama in one leg secondary to a trauma, Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis in the same foot, arthritis in both knees, hoffas syndrome in both knees, low grade patella tendinitis in both knees, arthritis in spine, Disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, kyphosis, disc bulges, hiatus hernia, oesphagutis, stomach polyps, GERD, tinnitus, insomnia, PTSD, golfers elbow, high blood pressure, diabetes, background eye retinopathy plus more. Would love to share people's coping mechanisms and the help/tests they have. Thank you.

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How old are you ??

Has all these conditions been diagnosed by your GP, and if so what has been suggested ??


Kannie in reply to borderriever

Hi Bob. I'm 52 and yes they have all been diagnosed by my gp through tests, MRI's etc and am on lots of medication, attend the pain clinic, and have Physio. I am seeing orthopaedics soon so hopefully they can help with my back. I have just been diagnosed with carpel tunnel in both the hands as well now so I am getting a bit fed up as having to sleep in special splints. I try to remain positive though as there's lots of other people with worse problems than me.


Hi and sorry to hear you have so many problems. I'm sorry I'm not particularly an expert on any of those problems. What I can say is that while they may be different and some unrelated to each other there are overarching consequences.

Pain is an obvious one, limited mobility another, fatigue and the psychological burden of dealing with it all.

Part of the burden is perhaps knowing that some of your problems, there is nothing you can do to cure them.

Presumably you are getting medical attention.

Apart from that what you could do is a Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA) or an Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assessment. If you have access to rehabilitation service they can do an ADL.

An HNA assessment looks at all your needs, physical, emotional, social, spiritual etc.

Having identified what your needs are will enable decisions about what can be done.

It all depends on your circumstances, where you live, who you live with, what your financial situation is, what services you already have and so on.

Does this help?

sorry you are struggling with all of these! I have spinal stenosis and what I've found works best is called a nerve burn in layperson's terms or radiofrequency ablation. if you attend a pain clinic they can either do it for you or refer you. it's a very short procedure, though I recommend you ask for sedation. basically they burn the nerve endings that send the pain. it works for at least six months. you normally go in first for test shots that last a couple of hours just to see if it will work for you. I love the procedure. with all you have to go through that could be one less worry! stay strong.

Talk to your Pain Clinic they may suggest supporting the legs and spine in bed with pillows or bolsters. that may help with your legs in the evening.

Ask Pain Clinic regards TENS machines, generally two V channels are the best and that may help with your pain.

The clinic will have ways of helping you. Very few of your problems are related with the exception, of your joint pain and Arthritis. You need to be able to sleep in comfort, I would recommend try sorting that first with the help of the pain clinic, they will then look into other treatments that do can help, look for simple things that will help initially then they will look towards the other problems you have

Check on Relaxation Technique, MINDFULNESS. Amazon has books explaining the technique, however the Pain Clinic should be introducing you to this self help


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