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I have an appointment on the 6th regarding my access. I’ll be having a fistulagram. Because sometimes they’re having a hard time sticking needles in my arm. I’m a bit scared because it’s my first time to do it. Has anyone of you go through with it. I wanna know what’s the procedure like and does it hurt. I wanna know from people who experienced it! Thank you!

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Basically they put dye into your fistula and take an x-ray. This shows any narrowing or poor flow areas. I have accompanied a number of patients to have this procedure. Most said it was no worse than having a dialysis needle in. Dialysis is a very specialist area and I do not think there are that many renal patients on any site on health unlocked. I would advise you to search other sites for a patient support group.

Badbessie, thank you!

Yes there are several groups kidney and dialysis related on Health Unlocked. I am a member in most of them. Just do a search. Blessings

I’ve never stuck a needle in my arm but I have stuck and needle in my thigh I was taking Avox. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. But it is a totally different needle thickness. I did have a nurse that came to my house and showed me how to do it.

Good luck to you.

Badbessie in reply to ssdw1958

Dialysis needles come in three adult sizes. They are very large to allow good blood flows. Normal needles are very small in comparison.

Badbessie, thank you!

Actually a Dialysis patient could use an 18, 17, 16, 15, or a 14 gauge sized needle. It depends on access, time and more. I am doing home hemodialysis with a GRAFT. I only use size 17 as I do 7 hour treatments and run slower. I have no doubt if I were in center running shorter times and faster blood flows with a different Dr. they would insist on larger needle size like 15 or 14

Hi sadly there was and still is a great demand for dialysis. The longest period allowed was four hours at the centre where I worked. Basically slots were like gold. Our standard from memory was 75% clearances and basically the only way to achieve this was a high pump speed as the time option was not realistic as the machines needed cleaning etc between patients and there was not enough hours in the day to run slower and longer. Hopefully your home dialysis will meet your needs.

I've been doing home dialysis for nearly 18 years. Here in the U.S. CMS nor clinics have legal right to determine time on machine. Only a doctor's prescription determines any time, needle size, blood flow, dialysate rate and more. The clinic cannot legally deviate from this.

I do very well at self managing my own care. Blessings

Sadly in the UK there are restrictions due to resources. Which at times can cause some compromise. Happily as more units are built and more people are trained to complete their own treatment those problems are becoming less.

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