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I need answers and doctors are not helping!


Hello everyone, now this may be long because I have a lot of stuff going wrong.

In the beginning of August 2017 I started getting exstremely bad pain in my lower abdomin, legs and back, it felt as if my ferlopian tubes were exploding, my pelvic bone was crushing and my legs were getting ripped off my body. I did months and months of testing and nothing came back so the doctors layed it down to being endometriosis. I had my surgery on the 3rd of April 2018 and absolutely nothing came back. It’s now July and I still get the pain but not as often as I did beforehand and at times it stays till I go to sleep at night. What can I do can someone help me out to stop the pain?


After my surgery I started getting more problems and a lot quicker than I did before but what I want to know is something that’s been affecting me since I was little

I think I may have diabetes? I’ve never been tested for it but both my mother and myself have the same symptoms and she has been tested for it but nothing came back? We both get exstremely unwell if we don’t have any sugar, we both get extremely dizzy, nausea, tingley feet and fingers, we blackout and sometimes fall into a coma like sleep, extremely shakey, can’t breathe, migraines, can’t hold our own weight and pretty much if we don’t eat any food with sugar we’re in deep trouble. I have told doctors about this before and they have turned around and said that I’m fine without testing me and that there is nothing wrong with me? What should I do?


Now when I had my surgery they took my conterspective bar out as well because they thought it might also be causing me problems but I keep forgetting to now take my pill and I’m really struggling with it, What are the better options for me to get for conterspectives please I need your help?!


Migraines run through my family, but I have been getting them almost every day since my surgery, doctors don’t listen to me because I think they Think I’m a teen and I’m just over reacting but it’s gotten to the point we’re I can’t focus much anymore and get really short tempered because I’m so exhausted from half of my face being on fire all the time, can anyone tell me if they get migraines to and what they do to help it stop or if there are medications that make sure I don’t get them?


Vaginal problems :/

Now so maybe 2 months before my surgery and till this day I’ve had a lot of vaginal problems, I’ve had thrush more times now I can’t count and a bladder infection so bad I had to go to hospital. I get treated all the time for thrush but it keeps coming back and it is really painful I’m constantly itchy and in pain and I can’t take it anymore, it feels like it is on fire all the time! What is wrong with me??


thank you xxxx

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All I can say is that I don’t know what is wrong but I can tell you one thing it is time to change your doctors. Do you live by a large city just asking, because I live an hour from Boston Massachusetts and I have MS and I see a doctor in Boston. You need to get in contact with your insurance to find out what they pay for. If you think you have diabetes you need to tell your doctors I need to be tested.

You see my doctor wouldn’t listen to me when I told him I either have MS or Lyme disease how do I get tested to find out. He actually said to me don’t jump to conclusions I just gave him a look like do I really want to have either of them.

Find a doctor who will listen to you and do some test to find out what is going on.

Good luck to you, let me know how you do.


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I’ve been to 7 different doctors in the last year alone and none of them seem to help, technically my town is counted as a city but the closest big city is 6 hours away, I do have one doctor that is quite good but majority of the time she doesn’t even listen to me, thank you. Will do xx

The first thing that jumped out at me was the problem that you and your mother are having with blood sugars. It sounds the same as the problems that I have had. have you looked into hypoglycaemia?

What happens is that you use up the sugar in your blood too quickly. When you have no sugar left, you get all those symptoms. When you inject sugar again, you feel better.

But the problem is it just perpetuates the cycle. You have lots of sugar in your blood, so your body gets rid of it but over does it, and you feel ill again.

To break the cycle you need to stop the low blood sugar from happening. One way of doing that is to actually eat a lot less sugar, and make sure you have lots of protein when ever you eat anything with sugar. And when I say sugar I am including carbohydrates and fruit in that.

The best way to counter this is to change your diet. Eat several small meals rather than just a couple of large ones, make sure you have protein with your meals, and stay away from high carbohydrate meals. Some people find relief from having a high protein low carb diet.

In fact when I went on a high protein low carb diet not only did I feel better straight away, I also lost weight!

As to the other problems, it sounds like your doctors are having trouble listening to you. Do you take someone with you to appointments? Many women find taking their husband, boyfriend or father (or other trusted male friend) with them to appointments helps. They don't have to say anything, they just have to be there as a witness. Sometimes that can help.

Also framing the discussion differently can help. So for instance instead of saying, "I think I have non-diabetic hypoglycaemia' say 'I would like non-diabetic hypoglycaemia eliminated from the picture so that we can move on and find out what is really causing my problems.' That way the doctor who thinks there is nothing wrong will do the test to prove he is right. And in the process find out that he was wrong! Hopefully!

As for the bladder and that area problems, have they eliminated interstitial cystitis?


With migraines, again, it is a matter of getting a doctor that will listen as there are many different types and they all have different interventions that work better in some people than others.

Good luck, I hope you can finally get some support from your medics!

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Thank you this has actually helped me a lot! I usually take my partner with me to my doctors appointments and I always make sure they print out my test results. Thank you heaps

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