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More pain.


Defo thinkin fibromyalgia here all my body seems to hurt if its not my head its my arm if not that it that and so on...always seems to be something wrong. Also have sore tender temples?? They sting when i touch them only my right one and can feel a bulgin vein. Iv read about giant cell arteritis not arthritis lol and octicula neuralgia or what ever its name is help plz

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You need to get your symptoms checked out and express your suspicion of what you think it is to your GP. If you think it's fibromyalgia then you need to ask to be referred to a rheumatologist for a diagnosis so that you can begin to learn strategies to manage the symptoms.

jojo23pink in reply to Glosgran

Im seeing rheumatologist soon so will spk about all my probs..i feel crap thank

what has your doctor said? Have you been referred to a pain clinic yet? Have you tried using The Pain Toolkit?

Pain isn't actually in the place where we think it is, it is processed in the brain. When something happens in another part of the body, signals are sent up to the brain where the brain decides what to do with them. Sometimes those signals get mixed up so that things like light touch feels like pain, and sometimes they can over report, sort of like turning the volume up to 11. What should usually happen is the brain says "thanks for letting me know you stubbed your toe, you can stop reporting the pain now." and the pain subsides. But sometimes it doesn't, it just carries on after an injury has happened.

So it is pretty complicated figuring out what is causing the pain sometimes. That's why there are pain clinics now, where specialists in pain can help people sort out what kind of pain and how to deal with it.

I hope you can find something that helps with the pain. Pain is exhausting!

jojo23pink in reply to cyberbarn

Waiting to see rheumatologist...i will let u no thanks and will check out toolkit lol x

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