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Way more pain than usual

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Hi I have had problems with my spine/back for about 15 years now. Diagnosed with multiple bulging discs at occurring at all levels and severe degenerative disc disease and early wear and tear of facet joints. I was under my local pain clinic for about six years however stopped attending appointments after constantly being not listened to. I am used to being in a huge amount of pain however these past few weeks it has been totally beyond unbearable most days. Seem to be needing the toilet so much more and regularly not making it( bladder) and walking weird in that my gait feels wrong and seem to be "tripping" over my foot a lot and sometimes not lifting it properly . Don't know if this my leg not lifting properly or my foot but means foot drags. Have noticed when I go to gym ( haven't been for ten days now) that my left leg wouldn't do what I wanted it to do and generally weak. Now experiencing that weakness generally. These symptoms are constant ( especially the issues with peeing) but vary in degree . I am on 90mg of zomorph long release and take paracetamol and also use voltarol gel. Cannot take ibuprofen,naproxen etc as have Barratts Oesophagus. I am loathe to go to gp as sick of being treated like I am moaning and wasting their precious time. Any advice please ? Sorry for long post. Thanks everyone xx

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Sorry to hear this jfk71.

just thinking over what my husband suffers as a result of a serious trauma to his back....incontinence and leg dragging.

People who have serious back injuries often get many other internal conditions.

Get a referral to your incontinence clinic. They are very good and will carry out tests etc. You will have to do r#that through your GP I'm afraid. Prostate can be one cause

Leg dragging is caused by something I need to check with David. He has been like it for so long it is part of him now. Has resulted in too many falls though when he can't lift his foot high enough. Splat over kerbs, even pavements and stairs. Broken arm and fingers.


I am so sorry to hear your story. I am more or less in same position with the medical system over hear in relation to not being listened to and suffering chronic pain which is debilitating most days. Certain doctors have specific ideas and stick to that even when they are wrong. I am sorry I cannot give you advice just sympathise with you. I have been to pain specialists, Neurologists and Neurosurgeons. Have spent thousands and now still out of work with no pay. I really hope things get better for you and you get a referral to a decent Neurosurgeon to hopefully get your discs sorted.

I think you need to go see someone as it could be a nerve trapped. If you think going to the loo is connected to it, yes go to docs. X

Sorry to hear you are feeling the way you do. I have no answers, just lots of understanding sympathy.

I too have DDD, with bulging discs/annular tears etc, and a left leg with a mind of its own. I have tied to explain my concerns to my GP, only be told . . . . "it's to be expected", which doesn't help me in the slightest. I've never been offered an explanation why it happens, nor have I been sign posted towards any help. When it first started, it was as if I was sliding on ice, and I've had several falls, so I bought myself a walking stick. I was 46 when it started, and very conscious about using a walking aid. Even now, I struggle to accept walking anything more than a short distance can be hazardous.

I really do hope somebody out there can shed some light on this condition, and I send you genuine best wishes, I do hope you get some relief soon, bless ya, stay strong ;-)

I also have bulging disc and ddd other wise know as osteoarthritis, stenosis and degenerative facet disease. I know and feel for you and your pain. You really should get in to see a neuro surgeon. I cant afford to have the surgery done on my back but I did have it done for my neck. If your doctor doesnt listen to you then you should change doctors. Im sorry for your pain and I know your not just whining.

I have a bulging disk right at bottom off my back I am in pain all the time I put pain pads on every day to help me get though it I have been on every pain killer and I stopped most off them as they were not working and I have lost a lot off weight and now can't lie in bath as I am hitting bone but I ask to see a back specialist so just waiting on appointment

This could be serious please go to gp or change to a new dr ask for emergency hospital appointment you really need to get this sorted asap it could be the start of caudia aquina as well as a trapped nerve the earlier it's caught the better never feel your being a nuisance to the drs that's why they are there good luck

id be going hospital! You could have C.E.S. Look it up, and see all the red flags which needs seeing to urgent or you could end up paralysed. Not trying to frighten you. I've been on high meds for discs and other problems I'm in agony evey day . Been now 18 years. But please look out for this as its bad. I understand Dr's act like we are all liars. It's dreadful. Good luck x

Thank you everyone for you help and advice. I am going to gp tomorrow as over the course of last few days pain has affected how my muscles in my sides and pelvis are . At least that's the way I can describe it and have the most horrendous agonising heavy,dragging feeling in my buttocks and nether regions. I can only say it feels as if I am going to pass my insides and that they ate just sat right in between my legs and buttocks. Can't take much more of it so if my gp doesn't listen then I am presenting myself at accident and emergency xx

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I have the same feeling as you I am just waiting on a appointment with back surgeon what are they doing for you

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