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A break from the pain 2

Hi guys. I didn't wake up in agony. Normally I have to get to my pain meds before the day can start. How it looks outside normally gets decided when I'm out of pain.

Today, I woke up and didn't go to my pain meds. I opened the curtains and remember wondering how painful it will be today to get out and about. It was at that moment, my body spoke back to me as if to say it shouldn't be so bad. I turned slightly because that's where the pain is really horrible and noticed it seemed to be less today. I said to myself... no way.

I did a little walk,the kind of silly walk only a person who has what we have would do. Silly walk over, it was confirmed, better pain day!

It's just a bit of luck again. Not sure how long it will last and doing anything more than resting will require meds. On a side note, I had donated small amounts to two different charities the night before! Karma? Haha. Anyway, sending you all positive vibes!

Jake 😎

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Whatever the reason Jake it has to be good for you.

Maybe spring in the air has given you respite.

Sending you a warm Canarian hug



Not sure about the weather lol. I went shopping and the pain became awful after trying on just a few jeans. That was a downer. Well, maybe my manic shopping will come to end by the pain! Haha. Sending you good vibes!


Well you embraced it while it was good 😊


Hehe....I did!


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