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Help ... pain is horrendous

Hi all ... my name is Alison im 54 and last August was diagnosed with polyps on my gallbladder which causes me so much pain that back in September doctors decided to prescribe Morphine sulphate to help me.

Over the last two months I have had to increase the dose (agreed by doctor) so now I take 10ml every two hours. I also take co-codamol as issued by doctors and buscapan to try to help with the pain.

Today isnt a good day cos the pain is horrendous and nothing I do seems to help ... there is no point me attending the hospital because there is nothing they can do.

Can anyone suggest anything to help that I haven't thought of

Thanks Alison

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Hello Alison

Having gone through the pain of gall bladder I completely understand.

Obvious question...why haven't you had it removed?

You can go on a fat free diet for the rest of your life but that still won't guarantee a pain free life


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Bananas5 ... Im on a waiting list for surgery but no idea as to how long it will be

Low fat diet ... its been a Christmas and New Year over which I have lost a stone in weight ... everytime I eat ... no matter what it is ... im sick ... then the pain really hits so im getting scared to eat


Not good at all. mine blew up on Easter Sunday 17 years ago. Really thought I was going to die...especially having no idea what it was

Only bothered me twice after and I took a cocktail of meds I would rather not remember.

The surgeon told me about the fat free diet and said there really wasn't much point. I waited 7 months for op and that was all those years ago.

If you are being sick or feeling nauseous ask your GP for some anti sickness pills. They really do help.



Hi there if the pain is so bad and your losing weight scared to eat and vomiting after you eat ...... attend an ED the pain won’t settle especially if you can’t eat , have they done a biopsy to make sure the polyps are benign also it may speed up a cholecystectomy if that’s the plan for you , I hope it settles and you begin to feel better soon xx


Hi Pinklady. Are you in UK or USA.

I am in Wales, UK.

It sounds serious enough to me to warrant hospital - why won't they do anything? Did you go to A&E recently?

Are you checking your temperature regularly? What is it, is it raised?

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Not that you need anything on top of this to worry about but just to tell you to watch out for anemia through not being able to eat. I've had nausea since September and I'm now iron deficiency anemic and low folate. I also get gallbladder pain if I eat more than 4-5 mouthfuls of anything. Luckily....compared to you its 6/10 pain although once I have had the 9.9/10 pain. I'd give it 10/10 but I imagine having acid slowly dripped into your eyeball might be a 10. On that occasion I called 111 in the middle of the night and they sent a dr out to me. I was unsure wether to go to a&e pain was so bad. Not. Sure what caused that pain as next day had an ultrasound but it was clear.

you could try only eating a couple of mouthfuls of food at a time.....wait an hour n then do it again.

Try taking a good quality multivitamin and mineral so you don't end up with anemia

Good luck, hope you get your op soon



Please please consider having this removed, it’s the only way to remove the pain, demand this from your doctor urgently

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Hi Alison, I had to have my gall bladder removed last summer after it got an infection which caused it to rupture.

The operation was done through keyhole surgery and apart from a little initial constipation I've noticed no difference.

Ask your GP for a reference to see a surgeon about removal as I think a quick removal would sort your problems out.

Good luck.



Hi Alison have you thought of asking for a time release painkiller like oxycontine for the pain. That way you would only have to take 1 pill every 12 hours instead of all the faffing about every couple of hours? If the pain broke through you could then take a oxynorm.

Longterm constant pain is a terrible condition as it effects you mentally as well as physically. 24/7 pain as I know really drains you so the smallest thing that helps can make a huge difference and taking meds every 2 hours is a constan reminder.

There are other medications available but I've found oxycontine and oxynorm to really help.



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