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would love some advice please

hi there is find this group really helpful and always take on board all the advice i have costocondrities which I knowis the pain in left side of my chest and rib but can this be constantly in centre of chest also as had the pain for a good few weeks and just carnt shift it had enough ray and ecg and bloods they were fine but the pain is really strong and scary I also suffer with anxiety so could it be this sorry or ranting on just has me worried and recently moved and new gp are not very good and impossible to get aNicole app with thank you for advice in advance most appreciated xx

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See a McTimony CHiropractor. The pain could be from a tight muscle pulling a rib onto nerve which responds with pain in all sorts of places.

It may be this or it may be something else. The McTimony Chiropractor will be useful for a second opinion. It is an unfortunate fact that the medical profession has little or no understanding on how muscle behaviour has a part to play in painful conditions.

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