Pain in the Butt..literally😩 so have not slept at all despite the sedative and co-codomol...have been walking round the house since 3.30a.m

Am still awake and now TV (on mute) says 6.36 a.m. made warm milky drink thinking this would help..have been taking snow pics from upstairs windows..really want to sleep now...need something to knock me out!! Any ideas??


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  • Take it easy my friend.

    God is live. Sometime we suffer before we go. ( or our number is called.) . But in Jesus name bear patient my dear.because he gave this special thing called life which is better than pain.

  • so sorry how you are feeling Bea, not sure if you are serious about ideas for meds to knock you out. But perhaps following a more natural route like reading a book, or I used to sit and and do coloring in those special coloring books. or very slow exercising. Or even having something nourishing to eat, anyway good luck with trying to rest. xxxxx

  • Hi uggycat

    I find i cannot concentrate to read anymore...i used to love reading...think its my anxiety...

    and No, please don't take my comment ..meds to knock me out...quite literally...i was just incredibly frustrated with lack of sleep but thank you for your concern and hope you are feeling ok..i will choose my words better!


  • hi bea I know its awful, have to watch how we say things, I have boobed now and again phasing things wrong way. and once you post it that's it. glad to hear your not looking literally to get knocked out although we all feel like that sometimes Julie x

  • Thanks uggycat..when you are in pain, its difficult to phrase but glad you understand me xx

  • I know how you feel as most nights are like that for me too. Only when I'm exhausted I have one good night then back to square one for a month or so. Sorry I can't advice what to do apart from lay off high sugar foods and alcohol before bed as these things make it worse. I don't go on my phone in case it's keeping me awake but nothing works. X

  • Hi lowlife..know exactly how you feel about total exhaustion that you sleep better and then this changes...

    Absolutely no alcohol with the meds i am taking and am trying to just have weak milky drinks at bedtime..which i try to stick to a certain time so to put me in the frame for a good sleep but often doesn't work...

    Thank you for your concern and hope you have had a decent few hours of sleep!


  • One of my docs talked to me about BedRoom Hygene. Annoying title but accurate. In addition to avoiding alcohol caffeine and other obvious things. Avoiding blue screens like computer. iPad. CellPhones because they can stimulate the brain.TV not so much. Similar prob from fluorescent lighting. Also even decaf tea of any type can have a stimulating effect. Very careful use of melatonin may help Read up on it first. Even a short nap during the day can set you up for another miserable night. We can't expect to sleep 3-6 hours in the day the sleep 8 hours at night. Each of us reacts differently to meds so u may be stuck with trial and error until you find what helps you the most. Any degree better IS better. A word of warning about getting Knocked out. Many of my meds are supposed to sedate or bring me down and make sleepy but do not. . My primary doctor warned that an additional medication mite possibly put me to sleep permanently. Keep looking and take care.

  • Bar2...some of us don't sleep 3-6 hrs in the day...i have a job, a house i manage on my own etc etc. so please don't presume....

    Your other points are obvious about bedroom hygiene ....

    Finally, please don't take my comment 'knock me out' quite literally...i was feeling very frustrated with no lack of sleep despite being self aware of how to relax...


  • So sorry to hear that you're suffering. Bea61. I hope you're feeling a bit better today.

  • Thanks you Cazzmusic, i do a little.


  • Just wondered if anyone else is up all night when it's a full moon. My Brain won't shut off. My mother was the same and we used to greet each other in the kitchen lol

  • Melatonin can be helpful, I buy it online from the USA my son has used it for years, you can get it on prescription, have a google x

  • Bea61, I am terribly sorry that my reply came across in an offensive tone. Or in any accusatory way. So often some well meaning persons flooded me with vague or unhelpful platitudes. While a few offered specific suggestions. Some were helpful others not so much. They cared enough to try to help. Four years ago I was struck with an illness that caused extreme Axonal nerve damage in my entire body esp my legs and arms. Meds have helped minimally and sleep evasive a few hours in bits and pieces is a victory. The frustration I well understand. Again I sincerely hope you find some degree of relief. Take care

  • I suffer from fibromyalgia and most nights suffer from poor sleep. I am up and wide awake, up and downstairs at all hours of the night. And feel really fatigued a lot of the time. I take amitriptyline antidepressant 100mg which helps with the poor sleep cycle of fibromyalgia. At one time I could lie in bed each night only getting 1 hours sleep. On medication I do get some sleep but not enough. About 4 and a half to six hours a night. So meds do help. I also suffer with my mental health. So I know what you mean Bea61 about how difficult it is to read a book at night. I find I easily hear sounds and start worrying about break ins or someone having it in for me. I also lie there worrying about past events, the present and what might happen in the future. I am a lot better now than I was now with the medication I am on for my mental health. But some days are worse than others. Listening to music on headphones helps more than reading a book I find. I try to avoid putting tv on. Getting up rather than stopping in bed helps. Then try to sleep after being up a while. 5HTP is supposed to have positive effects on sleep. Helps body produce serotonin which like amitryptiline helps regulate sleep and waking cycles. It helps body produce melatonin also. Can buy in health food shops. I havent personally tried these tablets as I take amitriptyline so would interact. But may be worth a try if you suffer sleep problems. Hope this helps x

  • Sorry Bea61. Have just read your other post and realised you already take amitriptyline. So 5HTP would not be a good idea for you. As it would probably interact. Sorry.

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