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Severe Pelvic Girdle Pain! Help!

I’m wondering if anyone can help. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. I got diagnosed with PGP/SPD very early on in pregnancy as I suffer with hyper-mobility syndrome. At my last appointment with the consultant he mentioned induction but said we would talk about it when I’m a little further along. I haven’t slept well in a long time due to the pain but last night was horrendous.. I couldn’t stay on each side longer than 10 minutes due to the pain and discomfort. The pain has just got worse and worse throughout the day to the point I can barely walk or sit comfortably. I can’t stop crying the pain is so bad. I was discharged from physio at about 26 weeks pregnant as they couldn’t help me anymore. They gave me crutches and a support belt and showed me some exercises to do if I could manage them.

I have taken zapain and have tried my tens machine and hot water bottles also tried sleeping with a pregnancy pillow but nothing is easing the pain. I don’t want to go to A&E as they can’t help me. I’m so miserable and I can’t bare this anymore. I really don’t know what to do. I dread going to bed as the pain gets so much worse and I know I’m not going to get any sleep. Has anyone got any advice please?

Thank You

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I'm sooo sorry that you are in so much pain. Wish I had a magic wand to help you. I have hypermobility EDS too and struggle with my hip a lot, but have not been through pregnancy myself. Does a warm bad help you at all? Hot water bottles or ice packs? Try to distract your self and only take it a few minutes at the time. Go to your GP in the morning and see if he can suggest anything at all (maybe going back to physio?). Sometimes it helps going to a osteopath or chiropractor.

Big hug!


Thankyou, I may ring triage or speak to my doctor tomorrow. Baths usually help but I can’t get in and out of it at the moment. I’ve got my hot water bottle strapped to my back which helps for a little bit. Sorry to hear you struggle with EDS it’s not nice is it.


I'm sitting here with a hot water bottle too! Hope the pain improves soon

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