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Disc bulge agony Help!

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Hi everyone l have a disc bulge at L5 S1 and yes they have found a schwannoma tumour also ,at L3L4 aren't l lucky.

I am wearing a BuTec 10 microgram patch on my arm for the pain but it does not touch it if l am moving about, however things ease a bit when l am sitting (which is all l seem to do these days) and life is getting quite unbearable.

I am more than certain that it is the disc bulge that is the culprit as any Kind of bending or even leaning forward gives me considerable pain in my hips, lumbar spine and down my left leg.

Regarding the tumour it has grown from 6mm to 26mm in two years and my neurosurgeon wrote to me last November warning me that l would have to get it removed as it was in danger of growing into my spine and would result in paralysis from waist down and loss of bladder and bowel control.

Unfortunately l had a slight heart attack last December as a result of a blocked right coronary arter which was operated on but because of a pulmonary embolism following the surgery they have put everything on hold until now.

I am seeing a neurosurgeon at the end of November who will hope sort me out with the tumour but in the meantime l am finding that l am very limited in what walking l can do as it brings on such terrible pain that l cannot walk.

Phew, l know that this is a lot to throw at you but any advice on how to cope would be great.

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Hi, I have fractured vertebrae at L5 and S1 so I know how this area of damage effects the lower body regarding pain. No pain medication will leave you pain free but it will hopefully ease it off a little. The only thing that works for me is pacing. It drives me nuts as I'm up and down every five minutes throughout the day but stay in pain all night with very little sleep because of the pain. Once you have your tumour removed it may be worth asking your GP for referral to pain clinic if you haven't already done so. You could also try some gentle stretches so that you don't seize up too much. Ask them to try and do the op sooner rather than later as you may find that Once the tumour is out it could give you a lot of relief with the pain. Fingers crossed. X

Hi there, thanks for responding, l know what you mean about not sleeping, l go to bed tired but nothing stops the pain and l have to give up trying to sleep and get up.

I am wearing BuTec patches 10 microgrames and have given up with tramadol as just makes me feel like a zombie with no effect on the pain.

So l am staying up at night and snatching a couple of hours when l can but isn't it wearing, l havn't tried pacing but l am aware that l have to get off the sofa and walk about if only to stop me seating up but any bending to get some milk out of the fridge or even leaning over the sink to brush my teeth is excruciating.

I have had this now for two years and in the last few weeks l have had to succumb to using a walking stick which l hate.

The only thing l have found to take the edge off the pain is a tens machine but as the condition worsens even that is having less effect.

I can't wait until l see my neurologist on 30th Nov at Addenbrookes hospital when l hope he has some answers.

Hi Mate,

sorry to here of you condition, I'm something similar to yourself, L4&5 plus S1, sciatica Arthritis in the spine and other crap, i was on a high dose of tramadol and other tablets until 12 months ago, and when i asked for them to be reviewed it got changed to the 20mg butec and venlafaxine 75mg, like everything else you get good days and bad days, it might be an idea to speak to the pain clinic or your GP to see if you can get your tablets re-viewed,

good luck

Hi Andrew, l am glad l'm not the only one that finds tramadol unhelpful for this condition and have reverted to wearing BuTec 10mg patches but they are no longer doing it for me, l will however look into asking my Doctor about venlafaxine like you l used to get good days and bad days but my condition has elevated to mostly bad days.

I will also look into upping my BuTec patches, thank you for replying and good luck to you also


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