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Herniated Disc/Sciatica HELP!


Hello and thanks for listening...On Christmas Day 2020 I started to have pain like I have never felt before, so excruciating I nearly passed out. I went to urgent care and after describing my symptoms (mainly sciatica type) I was sent for numerous tests which included an MRI. This showed that I have a herniated disc which is basically lodged into my sciatic nerve...I am currently on 75mg Pregabalin x3 daily, Naproxen and paracetamol (as I couldn’t cope with tramadol) I am unable to live my normal life, can’t sit down for longer than 10 mins, can’t drive through pain, hard to sleep with pain, can’t go to work as can’t drive or sit at my desk 😟 I’m basically just wondering will I ever get better..I’ve been referred to a specialist (Neurosurgical) but been told it will be at least 6 months before I will get seen

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Hi, I have been having similar problems for over 18 months. Mine is caused through 2 discs compessing on spinal cord. It took a long time to actually get diagnosed as I saw doctors many times, eventually, through muscular skeletal team I was referred to spinal surgeon. I have been waiting almost a year for surgery. Unfortunately, due to covid , alot of treatment is being postponed and waiting lists are long. I understand your pain. As I have been off work nearly 5 months. It does feel like a lifechanger. Keep on at the doctors, ask for appointments to be brought forward due to your constant pain. Unfortunately, this is what you need to do to be heard. Hope things get easier for you. I had pregablin and naiproxen, I have gabapentin now and ametriptiline, also ask for a referral to the pain clinic - although expect a wait- they are very helpful 😀

Sorry to hear you’ve been suffering so long, really hope you get your operation soon ❤️

It could well be worth going down the private health route, you could ring up and ask for a rough estimate and ask them about waiting times at the same time. Don’t linger in pain if there is a quicker route to being pain-free, it may cost a good few quid but it will be worth it.

I had thought about that and at the start I did initially check with my local private hospital and they told me that as a rough guide even single blood tests can be in excess of £250 😟Maybe I could try another one...I am having physio once a month it’s just such a long slow process and not being able to work as in pain when driving/sitting down is the most frustrating thing

I know how frustrating the pain is and the limitations that you now have, you’ve just got to hang on in there and accept your limitations for the time being, if you decide to go down the private route, you need a consultation with the neurosurgeon to start with, they should have access to your MRI scans and then they should be able to give you a full prognosis and a treatment plan i.e. surgery, you will then have a good idea of the costs too. Good luck

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I couldn't possibly consider going private as am living on the State pension only. I worked for the NHS for 25 yrs (but at the time I started I couldn't afford to lose the monthly payments towards an NHS pension) and since I retired in late 2019, was on the waiting list for RFA on my lumbar spine. Well, since then I am still waiting because of Covoronovirus - so maybe by the end of this year my rapidly worsening back/sciatic pain may get treated!

Neckback in reply to abellemed

I hope you get sorted soon x

I have had that so understand your pain up till then never off work mine was so bbad I had surgery right away a discectomy was OK for a year then pains started too come back not saying all this will happen to you but now iam on 600mg Pregabalin diazapan for nerve damage citalopram thyroxine Metformin amitiptyline morphine I had to retire at 55 I miss my job so much as iam a people person so after all that what iamn trying to say surgery doesn't always cure

So sorry to hear that your pain has returned 😔really hope you start to improve soon, sending healing vibes your way and take care of yourself, it’s such an awful pain. Just out of interest what is your pain like, is it shooting pains or aching, with me I think the Pregabalin is stopping the shooting pains with sudden movements etc but i now experience really horrible dull sore aches in my sciatic area if that makes sense

Shooting pains in my knees stop me in my track dull aching pain in the back that gets so bad I walk bent over to the front and have to lye down which causes pain in its self I rub in freeze gel a very cheap short solution £1 or freeze. Sray I have put numorious people onto to this it has. Short term effect

I briefly tried gabapentin/amitriptyline/nortriptyline etc, but they made me feel spaced out and of course you can't take alcohol whilst on them and I enjoy a glass or two of wine of an evening, which helps me sleep.

I get the excruciating "yelp!" type stab-like sudden pains as you said seemingly when a nerve gets trapped in the sciatic area (right deep inside the right middle of my bum near the spine) just on a minor movement downwards or sideways, unexpectedly. Therefore I'm always holding onto something when going up/down steps etc and have become quite doddery despite being otherwise very fit.

Otherwise there is always the ache when I walk, even round the house, I even use a stick when I walk round my rather large garden, have to lean on it when weeding etc. My best thing is going round the supermarket pushing a trolley and hanging onto it for support!

I feel much like yoou but I have just moved area so new gp practice I am hoping with fresh set of eyes on file some things like meds maybe changed and maybe look at all the other things that are wrong with me. Because of covid iam thinking this will take a long time.. Iam sure lots of industries etc will blame covid for things not happening for a long time

Have you tried a tens machine? They van be really helpful for sciatic pain.

Watch your mood with pregabalin, your dose is relatively low, so should be ok but it doesn't suit everyone.

Hope you get some relief soon.


Hi, I haven’t as yet but I’ve thought about it so yes I might try one, thank you 🤗 Yes I will watch my mood thanks, I’ve heard all sorts of stories about the drug, for me I get bouts of wooziness/tiredness. I was very down/upset last week but I think that was more me just being absolutely fed up of being like this, but I keep picking myself up as I’ve no other option at moment

I take Pergabalin for severe anxiety, but also have bad back pain as my spinal column is shot to h***.Preg. definitely helps my anxiety but had no effect on my sciatic pain-this was only treated by a steroid injection into two of my spinal nerves.I advise you ask for that!

Glad to hear that it helps with your anxiety 👍🏻Have you found anything other than the injections that do help with your sciatica pain? I am currently waiting to see a specialist on what to do going forward but told i will be waiting for a while 😔 My doctor said I would need the specialist to send me for the injection if needed as they can’t do that 🤷‍♀️

Jinxy2221 in reply to lyuba

Did the injection help im fixing to get my first one

I have found a “pain pen” very helpful. It can be used right at the point of problem. Is almost like a tens machine in a pen. Have a look on Amazon this is where I got mine. I deliberately chose the more expensive one because only have to press once for on and off. Cheaper ones you have to keep pressing button which when pain is sciatic isn’t really practical. Hope it helps.

I saw one of these in the pharmacy and nearly bought it. I will have a look online, thanks. Would you say the pen would be able to be used on the buttock /back of thigh area as that were my pain mostly is, thanks 😊

Yes but only if you purchase one that only has to be switched on once. Otherwise will be twisting to use it!

My pain runs from left hip alway down to calf in left leg. I am able to use with no twisting due to nature of “pen”

Ok thanks will have a look 👍🏻

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