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In severe pain 3 surgeries on left shoulder for torn rotator cuff, from a fall at work now they are thinking shoulder replacement surgery not ready for that. also had 2 surgeries on left hand and 3 on right hand, (Carpol tunnel) also both elbows. Hands don't seem that they want to work anymore. Plus had major back surgery. Will they still want to retrain me? All I know is that I can't sit or stand or do repetitive motions anymore, might have to leave the job that I do have and have had for last 30 years, I know this job is what screwed my whole body up! Just don't know what to do, will L&I let me retire?

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That is a massive amount of surgeries. Why have they had to be repeated ? I guess you are not in the UK.

I am not surprised your hands don't want to work after all that surgery. There has possibly been damage to nerves and ligaments each time not to mention scar tissue. . What kind of physical therapy have you tried ? I woukd suggest that massage, chiropractor or physiotherapist should have a look and work out a programme for you of exercises as well as direct treatment.

As for work I am sorry but I can't comment.



You should be able to retire on disability grounds from your job I hope you got a pay out for your fall at work. All the best for the future x


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