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Hip injection

I have been struggling with acute pain in my knee for almost a year though I realise that in the scheme of things this is not hugely debilitating. The latest consultant tells me that this is referred pain from my hip which is not in good condition, whereas the knee is healthy concidering my age! They intend to inject my hip with a pain killer to accertain whether their theory is correct and if so relieve the pain.

Can anyone please tell me if they have had a similar procedure and how quickly the relief can be experienced and how long it can last.

I find that you guys are far more experienced and easier to understand than most professional so thanks in advance!

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Nice compliment Samvegl thank you!

I have similar referred pain but from sij to hip. Both are worn out but it is my hp which takes the beating on pain levels

Yes these diagnostic injections can tell a lot. Whether it is the joint or Bursitis. They do work almost immediately which tells surgeon what course ftreatment to follow.

I can't remember how long they last.

Good Luck



Still your pain is real. Good luck!


Chances are the doctor will use two medicines. One is likely to be lidocaine or something like it which is an immediate pain reliever but it doesn't last long. Then the second one would be a steroid which will help the inflammation in your hip which will then stop the pain or at least minimize it for the Long Haul. And you're probably looking at about 3 months.

I know what the doctor said but I had another thought I'd like to share with you. If you have a bad hip chances are you favorite it and therefore you don't walk properly. Doing this everyday, all day for a long time is going to affect your other joints, in this case your knee. And if I'm right then what's going to happen is as long as you continue to favor your hip and walk improperly you're going to eventually injure the knee.

But we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Good luck to you I hope that the injection works because there's nothing like having chronic pain.


Thank you all for taking the time to help me decipher the professionals opinions


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