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Hi everyone have,NT wrote a post for long time..I have fibromyalgia,rare form of psoriasis which is painful and very dangerous skin disease that can put you in hospital. I have a pill that I take soriatane or acitretin most the time 25mgs a day or if I,m flareing I take 50mgs a day and lots of creams I,'ve had it for twenty years. It did,NT pop up til my early 50,ies between it and fibro I,m Pretty painful,I take pain meds muscle relaxers heat.but that's not every thing. Will try to answer more. Later Susiejo1948

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Hi susiejo. I hope this bit of info helps you regards to the psoriasis you have. My daughter had the most awful months of it covering nearly all of her body and was hospitalised. I worked in a drs surgery at the time and it was one of our patients who said "please try pure honey on a small area of it, and give it a few days"! All I can say is that it worked , where the medications didn't. There have been v.small outbreaks over the years but never enough to even see a Doctor again. Best wishes to you. xx

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