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Lost control of arm, caused by neck?

Hi all,

I have just not long ago exercising (exercise bike), i had to lower the volume of the music while i was on the bike, this caused me to go into a very uncomfortable position, almost sqeezing the right side of my neck, of all a sudden my arm dropped without any control. as soon as i right myself up my arm returned to normal.

i have been having problems with my neck (rightside) due to bad sleeping position. i have been having problems with tinnitus and dizzyness which i think might be caused from my neck. im in two minds now to rush into A and E as this was a very scary experence.

sorry for the badly written post, just a bit of a wreck at the moment.

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Go get it checked. Then you will know for sure what it is.

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I have problems with my neck and also have tittinus and some dizzy spells. It probably has something to do with your nerves in and around your neck. Don't think a and e will do much but definitely need a gp appointment asap. X

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