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Neck/Arm Pain

I was diagnosed in 2010 as to having disc damage in disc's C3/4/5/6/7/....

Now this causes me lack of movement with arms on a daily basis, on this I find it hard to stretch my arms, use my hands/fingers.

On this condition, am on the usual medication from Naproxen to help with the nerve damage, I feel not much relief with this, but over the time I have been on Gabapentin on which I found that thus didn't help either.

Any other suggestions that may help will be appreciated.



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Hi j, sorry to hear of your pain and understand how you feel. I take gabapentin which does help with my leg pain (I have lumbar stenosis as well as upper back). I use MOVELAT gel on my neck and shoulders,and a heat pad ,one of those you can freeze or heat in microwavr,i do stretches regularly throughout the day ,but like your self very little relief. Im just looking at a heat massager for use on that area.

good luck in your quest


Morning Groin BOB here

I failed too ask regarding your condition, I understand what your condition is and your medication


This is an NSID that treats arthritic pains in the neck by reducing swelling and giving relief from the condition that you have

Some people need to change the NSID that they take because they do not suit them, your GP will suggest a different type of NSID you can take, it is important that you tell the doctor that they are not doing you any good. When taking these type of tablets it can be advisable to supplement you tablets with Paracetamol that will give you further relief and give more bangs for buck.


Is used for nerve pain and pins and needles associated with your condition, I do not know the dose, although for short periods the doctor may increase the dose.

The other medication that is given is amitryptalene excuse the spelling this has the same effect on nuro pain these two drugs in higher doses are used for depression or epilectic fits Nuro pain is treated with this as a virtual side effect of the medication they are best taken at night.

From what I understand from you qustion you really need to discuss your medications with your doctor if tablets are not working others should be tried

All the best you know were I am if needed



I sympathise with you as I too have damage to neck vertebra (as well as all others) and damaged nerves and it is a nightmare I take pregablin which helps with pain in a foot caused by impinged nerve in back but, oddly, it does not help with neurpathic pain in other areas and I cannot tolerate anti-inflammatory.

Are you "under" a hospital clinic as I have recently had facet joint steroid injections at one level in my neck and am due more at another level next month. Evidently it is too dangerous to have the treatment in one far I have about 70-75% relief. I also had some acupuncture at a pain clinic whilst I waited for the injections which helped with movement for a few weeks.....please ask about this It might be worth you trying similat treatment


Thanks for the suggestions guys, much appreciated...

I was on Gabapentun a year a two ago, it didn't help much them, but neither does the Naproxen seem to be doing anything either....

The only clinic I have been under is the Pain Clinic in Perth, on where I have had acupuncture and I found that this treatment was no good for me.

Just over a year ago in Dec 2011, I was given the facet joint I know we are all different, but this didn't help me at all...if anything, it's made my condition worse. My nerves have got worse since the treatment got done, my walking is now very limited....

On which when I do go out, my walking is aided by sticks, walker or mobility scooter on really bad days...

Thanks thenunn, for suggestion Movelat, may ask doc about that when I see him next week. The pain in my neck most of the time is so unbearable am willing to try new things....

Take care



I have a similar problem. I am on no medication. I recieve treatment from a Mctimony chiropractor on the NHS.

I also pay for lessons from an Alexander Teacher.

I find that extreme pain flare ups is from slight twisting of the neck and bak vertabrae. The Alexander Lessons help me relax into pain rather than tense up.

My chiropractor showed me that when i started to lose strength in the legs a few years ago that the tension in my legs was pulling one of my vertabret slightly out resulting on pinching on a nerve root. My Chiropractor as part of my treatment stretches the muscles in both legs. This in turn removed the weakness in my legs.


Having a really bad start to this Friday morning, am having major spasms in neck/arms... on which I have GP this afternoon to see what else I can have to help with these damaged nerves, as obviously the naproxen is doing no good...up date to follow...

Sorry, am on a bit of a downer today...

Talk soon



hi Joe

Sorry to hear about your pain. I have neck & arm pain - I've got mild degeneration to C5 & 6 (though I've been told not to worry about it!!??!!) and cervical ribs which cause pain & cold in my arm & fingers.

I have pain in my head which is treated well with botox injections, but the arm pain seems to have a mind of its own. I gave up on medication a while ago becuase it didn't help & the side effects were a problem. The thing that helped me most with my arm & neck was physio. I had daily exercises to do which really helped ease the pain & get the movement going again. I'm thinking about trying physio again because the arm pain is now the most awful bit of it all. I was in agony on Friday from holding my daughter's hand.

It gets you down sometimes but it helps to do something about it. Even making an appointment woth your GP can make you feel like you're taking charge, and that it half the battle in dealing with this.


Thanks for the comments teadrinker....much with you on disc degeneration, ye I also have C5/6 with 2/3, 3/4, C6/7....wth, T7/8/9 and L4/5, L5/S1...

I was at GP Friday last week, I have had my naproxen increased along with my diazapan, will it help, will have to wait and see...but not holding out....

Going to go, this is my day of volunteering at my local school, it kills me, but it's something that I love doing and it gets me out the house for a bit...

Take care



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