Putting my pain to good use

So as I cant actualy do anything at all anymore, I thought while I have to lie here day after day that I could at least put it to good use.

So I'm now officially a student and working towards being a bookkeeper :) I'm finding studying a great distraction and actually someone to focus my brain, as foggy brain has got very bad the last few weeks

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  • Good on you


  • Well done.

    God Bless xxx

  • Great idea. Well done - and good luck with the course.

    If anyone is thinking "I'd like to do this but can't afford course fees" there are a number of platforms online nowadays where you can do courses for free. They're called MOOCs - massive open online courses. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to name them on here (advertising?) but if you do an internet search for "MOOC" you should find them. I've done a few courses on MOOCs. :-)

  • Never heard of this one and will google it thanks. I have done free courses but on futurelearn. This is free too. x

  • Yes, Futurelearn is the UK MOOC. I've done a few courses with them and also with the big US one - Coursera (I guess I'm OK to mention the name then?)

  • The courses aren't expensive at all and you pay via payment plan. Yeah in a few months ill be a full qualified bookkeeper and can finally get to making some money again lol

  • Futurelearn is totally free unless you want to have a certificate. You can upgrade as well which gives you unlimited access forever to the course material. These are both very cheap though so payment plans would not been needed.

    They are more for vocation than towards a career.

  • Thanku for that I'll look it up it's lovely to c u can hardly move you don't moan and get on with it you are great I wish I to were more like u but I have down days and moan lol or cry to myself so I'll look up and c what help there is thanku Caroline

  • Aw, Danachippy, believe me I get very down days too. Constant pain drags anyone down. I guess I just moan to my long-suffering husband rather than on here - lol! You look after yourself now. Keep as happy as you can. We only get one go at life - my motto is to make the best of it no matter what. :-)

  • Aww Thanku Caroline,that's all very true xxx

  • Wel done there is nothing like studying especially a new subject to sharpen the brain and hopefully it will have the knock on effect of helping your forget about the pain for a while. Let us know how you get on.x

  • thank you :) of course I will keep everyone updated , weve got to find the little things in life haven't we x

  • Been thinking about doing somethink

  • Do it! best decision I made and hopefully in a few years if I ever get better I can be earning a really good wage and build on to what I'm doing now

  • Have u really found it helps as I seem to b spending more time in my pit lol,,due to the pain I am honestly at my wits end with it at times

  • I tink anything that distracts us from the pain helps. I keep planning and replanning my little garden and looking up plants and plans. Might not ever have the energy to plant the things but I can live in hope.x

  • I play online Words with friends a form of scrabble as a distraction. I play with people all over the world. Painkillers don't work so we have to find ways of diverting our minds away from the pain.

  • Yeah I was doing games like that they are good except when your brain just wont work lol x

  • what a great idea!! god bless you in your studies

  • Very positive, good on you. 😀

  • I keep meaning to blog about this (I have quite a list of topics).

    When I first injured myself (I thought it would be about 3 months). I started a programming project in an area that interests me (I'm a software developer), to help pass the time I was stuck in bed. Unfortunately that 3 months is now closer to six years, fortunately that project is now a tech startup. :D

    Being able to push my mind, when I can't push my body has really helped me (I absolutely believe that I wouldn't be here now without doing it). I encourage others to pursue their hobbies (even better if it can become a business). Especially when I cannot do a regular 9-5, as I can't work five days in a row (which has been worse lately).

    You have to make the most of the hand you're dealt.

  • Hermes123.

    crpsSucks, your a person after my own heart, no I am not bed ridden as you are, but lack the physical ability of energy to tackle a lot of things that a lot of people take for granted. I gained a server low back injury back in 1969. at the time the first man landed on the moon, I spent three months laying on a wooden board with a trapped sciatic nerve. there where no operations back then, I had to wait till 1982. to be offered a very risky operation, I had no choice to but to go for it as work depended on it. it was that length of time I believe that has lead me where I am today, many various joint operation still more needed,but I heading towards my 80th year. There have been many dark days over the years, whilst working much money spent on private treatment just to keep me going, sometimes the weird and wonderful, yes I had negative thoughts but like you, thou a lot longer down the line manage to change my thoughts into positive energy. You should be very proud of yourself to switch to the use of your brain so quickly, the best way of copping is mind over matter. It is not easy as one has to condition ones self to think above the pain.

    I wish you every success in the future and hope you go from strength to strength. good luck my friend. Hermes.

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