My daughter had face pain

New to this site :0)

I'm just wondering if any of you know what medication is good for severe face pain. She has been prescribed pain killers and pregbalamin . She still has nights and odd days of terrible pain.

She is 33 with two young children. She wakes me sometimes in the middle of the night so upset with the pain! The hospital just sends her home with more pain meds that don't do much. The GP just keeps trying different meds. Poor girl is exhausted with young children and not much sleep.

Does anyone have any advice?

Doctor says it is some sort of nerve pain in the side of her face. I think she needs an MRI scan. I'm thinking of saving and having it done private.

Thank you

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  • I answered your first post!!


  • Thank you Paton!! :9) I'm new so still looking how to use the site correctly. I'm not brilliant at tech :9/ but I'm giving it a go. I have had many health situations in my life so I reckon I may be useful.

    Presently my daughters problem is making me search around for info.

    These sites are great for support and to help you feel normal if you are ill and everyone around you is .... Lucky and healthy!!

    Thanks X Chloe

  • Could it be trigeminal neuralgia? It feels like you have toothache only much much worse


  • Yes it's not me its my daughter , the dentist said her teeth are ok but it all started for her after she had an abscess on her tooth. Since then back and forth to the doctors and hospital A£E was so painful. They kept sending to her dentist who says not a tooth problem as the abscess has now gone.

    All very annoying, so far she has been in all sorts of pain relief and also nerve blocking ones she still has terrible bouts of pain nothing can touch


  • Obviously we can't do a diagnosis but from what you say it does sound like Trajeminal Neuralgia.

    If it is , and certainly this must be confirmed first, there is no cure


  • Yes it does sound like neuralgia, I think I'll organise a scan for her to see what's happening.

    I think pain management will be the next course as like I have read here in this site each person/condition is unique in how they respond to pain relief and which medication combos work best :0/

    Thank you very much for your answers and support X

  • Sometimes it's cheaper to take the Eurostar to Lille and such like to have a scan done - a lot depends on the individual scan and whether she needs other tests.

  • Thanks Ityfialmctt, i will bare that in mind :0)

  • I suffered with severe head pain for years and after seeing several neurologists consultants i was finally referred to a head ache consultant who was able to diagnose a rare disease called sunct . your daughters pain does sound like neuralgia but can also be several other related problems find a headache consultant in your area is my best advise

  • Can you go back to GP with her and ask for immediate referal to a Neurologist? Or maybe Oral surgeon in Maxfacs. (Oral, Facial & Maxcilliary Department )

    Surely someone must investigate this?

    How many times has she seen GP and been to hospital with this?

    Has she had any xrays? Does she suffer from sinusitis? Did she have any preceding illness?

    What is the actual diagnosis - nerve pain ?? Why ??

    Does she have a good dentist who she sees regularly every 6 months?

    Why should you have to pay? She has a right to ask for a diagnosis and prognosis.

    If I had this and it didn't clear up after taking paracetamol and Ibuprofen combination for a day or two (and maybe a course of broad spectrum antibiotics) then I would be wanting investigations and diagnosis.


  • ps

    Sorry. I hadn't seen the replies when I wrote this. Don't understand why.


  • Ummm thanks Mary

    I'm thinking a scan but I don't want to wait months on the list while she suffers. I will ask first how long expected wait.

    Then I'll suggest the facial "diddly do dar " forgot the name, as I think they should understand any face nerve pain well and appropriate medication.

    Yes she should have investigations but in the UK now declining funds/ resources and the pressure on GPs and consultants have resulted in the " go home an manage unless it's deadly serious" routine. It's more cost effective to promote treating the symptoms rather than investigate fully the cause.

    It's a shame but that's how it is. Many more people are now opting to pay for clinical tests/scans themselves. Manu tests are the price of a good holiday and people are willing to prioritise.

    I'll post when we have some results if only for someone's future reference.

    Thanks again X

  • Hi Chloe, I have severe pain in my hip so I have some idea what she may be going through. I was talking to my sister yesterday about her migraine pain she had years ago. When she was young she was diving into a pool and hit her head on the side of the pool. Years later she started having terrible migraine headaches that would just knock her down. She finally ended up going to a soft tissue therapist that was/is a therapist for the North Carolina Panthers (he had various degrees and certifications from Universities). Anyway he found that some artery that supplied blood to her brain was partially cut off causing the headaches--probably as a result of her pool accident. As for treatment he would actually put his fingers in her mouth and make adjustments to her jaw as well as some adjustments to her neck. What he did worked after two sessions and she no longer has pain. My pain journey has lead me to a lot of doctors over the past 6 years and if you can find the one that has some empathy towards your situation and some ideas for helping, you are really lucky. The name of the person is Mike Danenberg manual soft tissue therapist 7043096633--I am not sure if this number is still valid, but I am sure you can find him via the internet. ---Tim

  • Thank you Tim ! I will pass this on to her and keep you updated. We are in the UK, where is this dr? Thanks

  • The doctor is in the USA--North Carolina. He is or was a therapist for the professional football team the Panthers. If the pain is as bad as you describe it is worth a call to him. Perhaps he can guide you to someone in the UK that he knows or knows of.

  • I wrote this very same reply to someone else on this site. Has your daughter considered that it could be TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) problem. This can be caused by grinding teeth or over chewing or just getting cold or draught on the side of the face, I have experienced this pain and the only thing which worked was Olbas Oil. I stunk of mint but it helped the pain. I went to dentists and even had wisdom teeth out but at the end of the day I ended up with a gum shield which I had to wear at night to stop me grinding my teeth. It is one of the worst pains I have ever had to endure so I full sympathise with your daughter.

  • Thank you suzie I'v just read this. I'v passed this onto her and told her to get dentist to give her a teeth shield for night. I'm glad you got better :0) X

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