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Hi all, I fell on my wrist about 6 weeks ago. I have had an xray at a community clinic which didn't show up nothing. I am in a lot of pain, although using wrist support. I cannot physically move my hand foward or backward. I am worried that the doctors don't care to find out out the real problem so the just send you on your way and say "it will heal". I am uninsured and scared I have to live this way and settle for this pain another just to add to my list. Any advise will be greatly appreciated, TIA!!!

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Hello Srculley and welcome. From what you say about insurance you are in USA?

If Xrays show nothing is broken then it could be soft tissue damage.

I broke my ankle badly some years ago and suffered soft tissue damage to the other one. That was far more painful than the broken one.

Rest it keep it comfy and be patient.



Give it time, it can take longer for a tendon or muscle to heal than a broken bone. Hope it gets better soon 😊


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