Local anaesthetic and pregabalin

Hi there, just wondering if any of you have found that a local anaesthetic for a minor procedure had any increased or negative effect on the taking of pregabalin. Feeling drowsy enough already lol

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  • Hi Emma,

    I am on a high dose of Pregabalin and recently had a local anaesthetic which didn't affect the Pregabalin either way.

    I really do not have any faith in Pregabalin as I don't think much of it as a painkiller. I understand it works for a lot of people but I am not one of them.


  • Hi I am on a low dose at the moment as I am switching from gabapentin to pregabalin. Gabapentin gave me severe stomach ache but so far pregabalin is not although I am very drowsy with it. Thanks for your reply

  • Hi Emma

    I have two prolapsed discs L4/5, I have been on pregabalin and tramadol and have two separate treatments under local anaesthetic for steroid injections. The last treatment was great for 3 months when the pain returned it was chronic I am now aware siting surgery to shave the two discs and facet joint.

    The surgeon says this will relieve the sciatic pain but I will have back aches as my is worn out.

    Hopes this helps.

  • Your Op to be sounds gruesome to me - and I have had 3 cervical discs replaced in my neck, this was a success BUT I had a bleed on the brain Whilst coming round from the anesthetic and so the consequence of that is I suffered a Stroke, and all that problems that entails... I do walk now with a stick and in constant pain, from my back, but I'm here 6 years on

  • Hi Jenn.

    I tried to write a sensible reply to your mail about not being able to read in bed. But I couldn't find the post on here. It was however on my phone, so Ive sent a short response and had to sign off just H as for some reason my predictive text wanted to sign me off as Belts Delta?????

    Honestly as if life wasn't bad enough.

    Take care. xxxx

  • I note youre on Pregabalin and I am now on Gabapentin, I recognise that whilst it does not take my pain away, like Paracetamol does when treating a Headache Taking Gabapentin does damp down the pain, and only after not being able to take my next does one day as was not able to get home, within a couple of hours of my dose time...The difference to my Pain was immense! The pain was nearly unbearable, so I now know that my Gabapentin damps down my pain which I am grateful for. I use Mindfulness and relaxation and breathing techniques to enable to get to sleep. I dont stay asleep all night in fact I usually wake up twice in the 6 hours I spend in bed. My pain was bad yesterday evening, have you noticed that your Pain is worse When the weather is changeable? I have, watch for the Barometric Pressures going Up and Down...and that's when My pain is at its worst.

  • I have never been prescribed anything other than Pregabalin and low dose morphine for my pain, so I don't have anything to compare it to. I just know that I take my meds but I am still in great pain.

    I don't sleep all night as I usually have to get up and take Co-Codamol for pain.

    Yes I do notice the pain worsens in cold weather and also very hot weather especially in my neck (fibromyalgia).


  • I know how you feel about thru the night and not sleeping, I try not to get too wound up about it, I cope ok on a daily basis, (and still have the Grandchildren visit and for sleep overs, but cant have the babies yet) but not last night, it was horrid and then I get up to find that we all have rain all day today...during the day I find that normal household distractions usually keep the pain in check, it is still there, but I just get on with things....only today I wanted to go out shopping and every step I took was painful...What do you do thru the night then? do you wait for sleep to come or have you some other way of getting thru the night. Cheers

  • Hi. When I cant sleep, I read, sometimes for hours if it's a bad night or the pains bad. I have a Kindle Paperwhite so don't need a light on so don't disturb my husband.

    Heltadelta. x

  • Wish I could read in bed, My back and neck are compromised when I try to lie or half sit up, so can never get comfortable enough to read in bed, I get pins and needles in my hands also, if I try to hold anything for too long.....but hey ho.....I wish I could just sleep for 5-6 hours in bed then would not need a distraction....Have a good one yourself xxx Jenn

  • Hi. What about listening to music in bed?

    H. Xxx

  • Hi , I am on pregabalin and have recently had nerve blocks done with sedation and it didn't affect pregabalin at all . The drowsiness will wear off after a week or so of being on them . I also had local and steroid last week with no ill effect . Pregabalin are great if they work for you but as said here they don't help some. I guess that's how it is with all meds though. I was on gabapentin first and they did work but had horrid side effects. So pregabalin it is for me . Hope you get some ease . As for your local anaesthetic you should be fine

  • Thanks Baileydog for your response. I also switched to pregabalin from gabapentin due to the horrid side effect of severe stomach ache. Pregabalin is so far so good except for feeling drowsy ATM.

  • Thanks golfer Ian for your reply. I had an op on L5/S1. That went well except left with a severely weak leg and si and facet joint problems. Will get the X-ray guided injections in 2 weeks and take it from there.

  • I take Gabapentin and have had no ill effects whilst having Dental implants done under Sedation......Sorry you're asking about PreGabalin I can only comment that I come off them PDQ after only 5 days, a couple of years ago now....as they were giving me nightmares and morbid thoughts....but had none of that on Gabapentin.

  • I think reading the posts on Pregabalin and Gabapentin it shows immediately that the same drugs do not suit us all, we all have our difference's and each of us prefer a different approach. Take care everyone

  • Hi JennSp, it just shows indeed how gabapentin and pregabalin affect different people differently. I could not stand gabapentin and feel much better on pregabalin. They are similar drugs apparently so it is quite amazing how different it affects us. Take care.

  • It certainly does I wonder if it actually is US our bodies and the way they cope with the drugs, OR is it the interaction with the other tablets we all take for various other conditions~? perhaps we'll never know...i'm wait for Acupuncture (I had it a few years ago privately) but now have been assessed and will get 6 weeks of them..( I have had to wait as I underwent an Urgent Hysterectomy in March this year)..I believe they work for me for a time, but wont work in the long term, but I'm happy to get some short term relief. Only wish I could get some longer sleep at night, I only want 5 hours uninterrupted !!! is that too much to ask?

  • Nights are sooo much fun. I tend to fall asleep only to wake up an hour later usually and then seem to lay awake forever before falling asleep towards the morning. I was fed up a few nights back and took some extra gabapentin (during switchover and even though I know they upset my stomach), and guess what I slept for 8 hours. First time in about a year. Was kind of hungover the next day and stomach did not agree but it was worth it just the once. 😴😴😴

  • I like it, I occasionally take an extra Gabapentin in the middle of the night If I have not slept too good the night before and think Oh No not another night without sleep...I think I try to keep going for so long during the day, I've found now I just have to give in and have an afternoon Or Morning snooze.... I always make apts. for at least 11am. as I'm so tired and slow to get going in the mornings....

  • Yeah I know what you mean about appointments, I try to make them not before 10am.

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